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I think reality is finally setting in....

I'm going to actually see these dorks in concert in 8 days!

*internally screaming*

Kihyun Oppa.... I apologize now for any loud high pitched screaming I do when you come on stage... That's just what happens when you're bae ;)

Is anyone else going to the Chicago show?

I'll be in Chicago for 5 days... is there anything you recommend I check out while I'm there?

Not in Chicago but Dallas. Sorry. 17 more long days for them to be in Dallas.
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@DefSoul1994 yesss you need to come to texas and lol drag her butt over here😂
I'll be seeing them in Chicago as well!~
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I'm going to the Chicago one as well!:D
12 days for me since I'll be going to the concert in Atlanta. I can't believe we'll get to meet them.
Lucky! I wanted to go, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me ㅠㅡㅠ
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I wouldn't mind going by myself, but I live in Indy and hate driving by myself. Please get some good pics of Shonwu and Wonho for me!