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**Chapter 9**

"So how was your weekend?" Nana asked me as we were the first ones to sit down at the lunch table.

"It was uh..." trying to find the right word for my weekend. "Interesting, how about yours?" opening the wrapper off of the plastic spoon and fork.

"Annoying and boring. Sehun and I had to visit our grandma, so nothing really happened. It seem like you and Kai got over the awkwardness. Did he really walk into the bathroom while you were in there?"

"Yes he really did. But I have to tell you what really happened this weekend." I said to her. I motion to her to come closer, I looked to see if any one was around before I made sure the coast was clear. Pulling out my phone, I went to the gallery app and tapped on the picture.

"EWWW WHAT IS THAT!!!" She yelled but I shushed her before whispering what it was in her ear. Her face was priceless as she let it sink in and laugh her head off to the point she couldn't breathe.

"Haha I can't believe that happened."

"Shhh, don't tell Kai." I told her, putting my phone away.

"Don't tell Kai what?" a voice said making us jump in our seats.

"Oh my god, don't do that. You scared me. Are you a ninja or something? Make a sound why don't you so you don't scare people." Telling Kai off for scaring me. The guys one by one started to sit in their seats.

"Sorry Angel. But what is it that we can't tell me?" questioning me. I was lucky I could get food in my mouth so I didn't have to talk but even after swallowing my food he had asked again.

"Nothing. it was just something between Nana and I." I said hoping he would brush it off. And to my luck he did and went on into a conversation with some of the guys as Nana and I picked up on a different subject to talk about.


"Okay class so your homework to night is cooking a dessert. Anything you want, seeing we will be looking at the different types of desserts there are." Mrs. Jung said right before the school bell ringed. I had gather my things from the table and put them in my backpack. Kai was doing the same thing as we had Lulu in her car seat in the middle of the table between Kai and I.

"So my Angel, What will we be making for our dessert?" questioning me as I took Lulu only to have her taken out of my hands and Kai replacing his hand as he laced our fingers together. "I thought this was a assignment that needs to be done alone?"

"Nope not the way I see it." Kai leading us out the classroom into the hall.

"And how do you see it?" Asking him.

"You will always be my partner." he told me with a smile on his face.

"are you sure you two aren't dating?" Someone who was standing in front of us asked. I looked to see it was Chanyeol and the others.

"No we aren't dating." telling Chanyeol. "Then why are you two always holding hands?" It was a good question but I didn't have the answer too. I looked over at Kai to see him avoiding the questions and looks from me and the others. "Kai?"

"What? Her hands are always cold and I want to be her personal hand warmer." Kai answered. I didn't realize my hands were always cold. I guess I could never tell. "You have a problem with that Chanyeol Hyung?" by the looks of those two, it had seemed like they were fighting over something and I couldn't place my finger on it.

"Anyways, EunJi and I are gonna go, we have an assignment to make and it need to be done really well." Kai said as I had snapped out of my thoughts. I wasn't for sure of what was going on but I was being dragged away from everyone who was waving goodbye.

"Where are we going?" asking him.

"You will see." telling me as we walked a while away now. It seemed like a short walk but also long when we walked up to my Ma bakery cafe. Kai opened the door, letting the chiming bell ring. My Ma was standing next to a employee, talking about something on a piece of paper. "Mrs. YoungJi?" Kai called to get my Ma attention. She and the employee looked up to see us standing there. "Oh hi Baby, Hello Kai what brings you here?"

"Well I like to buy us a snack first but can we use the kitchen for our assignment for Home Ec?" Kai asked. I wide eyes. Why did he want to come here and make the dessert when there was a kitchen we could us at his or my house. Well I never been to his house but I would like to go one day.

"Alright but only for today." my ma said giving us a smile. The employee handed us a plate of pastries. Kai was about to pull out money when my Ma hissed at him. "Its on me deary, okay."

"Thank you Mrs. YoungJi"

"Thank you Ma"

Kai took the plate and lead both of us to a table near a window. I was one step away from him when he pulled out a chair and gestured me to sit down. I had raised an eye brow at him as he give me a playboy smirk. I had rolled my eyes at him before I could feel the corner of my lips pull into a small smile and sat down in the chair he let me have.

"Why so gentlemen today?" questioning to what he has done for me today.

"What I can be a gentlemen to, you know." Pushing the plate towards me so I could have the first pick on what to eat. When eating, it was awkward but a good awkward silence, one that you can enjoy and not worry what to say to the other. I had quietly watch people walk by the bakery. People watching was the best thing to do when there wasn't much to do.

"Eunji?" a voice said my name making me snap out of my train of thoughts. I turned towards the voice of Kai leaning over the table, giving me a winning smile. "Should we decide what we want to make?"

"We should do my favorite cookies."

"Awww but I wanted cake"

"No cookies"




"Fine we'll do both."


We finally agreed on what to bake. Since we were finished with the pastries snacks we took the plate with us and went to the kitchen where my Ma was. "Okay so there's ingredients in there and a baking book. Please don't make a mess. Mia is going to run the shop while I go to run some errands." Ma said. We nod and told her that we would be okay.

"So do you want to do the cake and I do the cookies?" I asked him as he nod. I got out the recipe for the cookies and looked through the fridge for my ingredients. Kai and I both started in silence I went to nake sure that the oven was preheating when I turned back around to my cookies I felt cake batter on my nose.

"Yah!!" I yelled as Kai laughed.


I dipped my finger in his cake batter and smeared it on his forehead. He looked like simba when the monkey did smeared stuff on the cub at thebeginning of the movie. I started laughing. "Hahaha you look like simba"

"Well you look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer." He snapped back at me. This time I grabbed a hand full of flour and threw it at him. The icing that he make for the cake ended up in my hair.

It was pretty fun using the left over ingredients that we had for a food fight. We ended up on different sides of the room preparing for our next battle. What we didn't know was that when I went to throw flour and Kai went to throw eggs, my Ma had walked in.

"What the hell is going on in here!!" She yelled as Kai and I dropped our whisk and spatula.

"Ma, I can explain..."

"I don't need an explanation, what I need is this place spotless, no mess is to be seen!!" She yelled again. She turned on her heels and walked out the door, probably to clean up in the bathroom.

I felt guilty, that I made a mess in my Ma shop. I felt tears threaten to come but I pushed them back as a frown was on my face. "EunJi..." Kai lightly placed his hand on my arm sliding it to my hand. "I'm sorry EunJi this was my fault. I'll go tell your mom it was all me." He took a step away but I was able to get a hold of his shirt before he left the kitchen.

"Please don't go" I plead, looking at him with tears trying to fall.

"Okay, I won't go anywhere. Please don't cry. " pulling me into a hug.

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