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**Chapter 10**

I was once again left in a house by myself. Kai had a family event to go to and since he hasn't been home since the baby project started, his mom wanted him home for the weekend. Tae was staying out with the guys, our parents once again ended up going back to check on the old bakery shop. So that left me all by myself in an empty house with nothing to do. I was grateful that Kai said he would take Lulu but now I wish he didn't because I'm bored now and staring at the ceiling wasn't helping either.

Sitting up, I went to my closet and pulled out my dad's basketball. I decided to go shoot some hoops since I haven't done that for a while. I grabbed a bag, placing my wallet. I went to the kitchen getting a water bottle and then head out while putting shoes on and locking the door behind me. I was lucky that there wasn't much kids out, but it being eight at night on a weekend, all the kids were probably staying home with the parents. Dropping the bag on the side of the court, I bounced the ball on the pavement.

Feeling the vibrations from the ball made me smile. It felt good to hold a ball again after my father passing. Memories of us playing together made me miss him more. Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I threw the ball to the hoop making a swooshing and going through the net. I did my familiar practice routine.

"So is this what you do at Ten at night?" a deep voice said behind me, which caused me to jump and scream. I turned around to see a tall giant with elf ears. "Yah Oppaaaa! Don't scare me like that!!" I pouted as he chuckled and came near me. He raised a hand, placing it on my head and ruffled my hair. "Chanyeol Oppa stop it!!!" I tried to get out of his reach.

"Okay okay, I won't do anything anymore Shawty." he chuckle taking the ball with out asking me. I was busy fixing my hair to see that he had the ball. "I'm Shawty Oppa. Hey that's my ball give it back!!" He chuckled as he moved back, keeping the ball out of my reach. "Come and get it Shawty."

"Again I'm not Shawty." I yelled as I chased him around the basketball court. I ended up hovering down with me hands on my knees as I was trying to catch my breathe. "Yah Oppa!!" Standing up and stomping my feet.

"Awww Shawty is so cute when she pouts." he laughed as he continue to bounce the basketball. He smiled holding it out for me. I looked at him with a look of what are you up to. I stepped close and reach out for the ball but he raised his hand up and held the ball in the air. "You want the ball you have to get it yourself." he said. I was determined to get my ball back that I started to jump up to knock the ball out of his hand but me being short and him being a giant the odds were not in my favor.

"You"-Jump- "Stupid"-Jump-"Giant"-Jump-"Elf"-Jump-"Why"-Jump-"are"-Jump-"you"-Jump-"so"-Jump-"tall?"-Jump-

"The question is why are you so short Shawty."

"I'm not Shawty" I continued to jump as he stood on his tiptoes to make the ball go higher.

"Opppaaa!!" Whining. He wasn't playing nice and I wanted my ball back.

"EunJi-ah" He mocked me as he smiled.

"Oppa, how about a game of one on on. The first person who get ten points wins and the loser has to grant a wish to the winner." he thought about it and agreed. He passed me the ball and said ladies first. I knew I was going to win this game.


It was his ball, we were tied six to six. We made it clear that we weren't gonna play nice. I manage to steal the ball and bounce the ball to the hoop. I jumped up, shooting the ball to the backboard. It made a thump sound and I landed back on the ground. I lost balance and my ankle collapse underneath me. "Ahhh!!" I scream as I fell down and took a hold of my ankle.

"EunJi!!!" Chanyeol rushed to me in a panic. "What happened? What's wrong?" He checked all over me until he saw me holding my ankle. He slowly removed my hands to lightly touch my ankle.

"Ahh" I winced in pain. The pain hurt so bad that I could feel tears falling down my cheeks.

"Its starting to swell up. We should get you some ice on it." He took his jacket off and hand it to me. "Tie this around your waist and get on my back okay." He said. I followed his directions and wrapped myself on his body. He lifted us both up and walked where our bags we and asked me to pick them up.

What seemed forever but only has been ten minutes. We finally arrived to a convenience store. He set me in a chair by a table outside of the store. He rushed in, leaving me in silence and looking up at the faded stars.

It wasn't long until he came back with a first aid kit and a bag of ice. He took my shoe, socks off and rolled up my pant leg before getting to work on my ankle. I felt weird of him having my foot on his lap and him spraying stuff on it, bandaging it up and placing the melting ice bag on it.

"You should have been more careful Shawty."

"Well If you gave me the ball in the first place we wouldn't be here, now would we."

"You sure about that, Shawty? Your always clumsy when your around us."

I was about to say something but my stomach growled, causing me to blush and Chanyeol Oppa to laugh. "I'll get us some ramen. Stay here." he said standing up and going back into the store. I heard my phone ding. I grabbed my bag and looked through it to find messages from Kai, Nana, Sora, and my Ma. I replied to all of them and when I was down Chanyeol Oppa came back with two hot steaming bowls of ramen. He set them on the table, took out chopsticks from his back pocket and handed a pair to me.

"Thank you Oppa"

"You're Welcome Shawty."

It was silent while we stuffed our face with ramen, making slurping her and there. "You know I win right?"

"Win?" I asked him confused. I wasn't sure what he was talking about.

"Yes your shot missed the net so I came in took the ball and made a score, so that means I won our game."

"Oppa that doesn't count, I hurt myself."

"It does too count."

I rolled my eyes. I really didn't want to argue so I let myself be defeated. "Okay Oppa whatever you say. Since you won our game, what is your wish?" I asked him.

"A date."

"A date?"

"Yes, I want to go on a date with you." He explained. I thought about it and didn't see why not it wasn't going to hurt anybody.

"Okay Oppa one date" I said as he smile like a little puppy. When we were both done with our food. I handed Chanyeol Oppa money to by ice cream. He bought it and came back I put my bag on my back and he put his on his chest and gave me a piggyback ride. I ate my ice cream and held his for him to eat. From a distance there was fireworks going off. "Oppa lets watch the fire works."

We ended up sitting on a hill and watching the bright colors in the air while eating. When the show end I got back on Chanyeol Oppa back and told him the way to my house.


"Wahhh!!!" Chanyeol said as he dropped me on the couch and sat next to me. He had sweat running down his face from carrying me from the place where the fireworks were at all the way to my house. At this time it was One in the morning.

"Oppa can you stay the night?" I asked him. He looked at me with an eyebrow raised. "No!! Not like that Oppa" smacking him for thinking bad. "I mean it's One in the morning and dangerous to out at this time. So you can stay the night if you want too."

"Your parents won't mind?" He asked.

"No. I was left by myself this whole weekend. Plus they let Kai stay all the time." I explained to him.

"Okay I'll stay." he said as I nod. I got up, limped my way to my room to change and grab Chanyeol Oppa clothes to change into. I came back to the living room to see that blankets and pillows were scattered on the living room floor. "Oppa?" I called out for him.

"In the kitchen." he said. I turned to go to the kitchen to see him popping some popcorn. "I thought we could watch a movie? Is that okay?"

"Its totally fine with me. Um here some clothes. They are Tae's so they might be a little small but I tried to find something big for you." Handing him the clothes. "The bathroom is down to the left." He thanked me and left me to the popcorn as he changed. When the popcorn was done I opened up the bag and poured the popcorn into a bowl and added the melted butter I heated up on the stove. I grabbed my stash of candy and limp walked to the living room. I set the bowl and candy down before grabbing the blankets and making myself comfy.

Chanyeol Oppa came in a few minutes later, getting comfy himself and started the movie. Half way the movie, I was in a stage sleep where I could still hear everything. I heard shuffling and something close to my ear. "I wish you can only see me. If only you knew what you mean to me. Sleep tight EunJi" the words said in my ears and I left something on my forehead before completely blacking out.


Sunday afternoon came fast. I was woken up by cartoon playing and a plate of food being shoved into my face along with Chanyeol Oppa face too. "Rise and Shine Shawty" is what he said to get me up. When I didn't want to I just groaned and rolled over which ended up me being tickled. I can tell you Chanyeol Oppa is too much of a happy virus to deal with on a Sunday afternoon.

It was close to three pm and he was still here on the couch watching cartoons. I was actually dressed and in the dining room doing last minute homework that needed to be done before Monday started.

"Whatcha doing?" he sneaked up behind me and looked over my shoulder. I looked up to see he was finally dressed in what he wore yesterday. "Homework, I thought you were watching cartoons or something?"

He shrugged. "I got bored. Can we do somethi--" he was about to ask something but the front door opened and loud talking came through.

"Taehyung, I can't believe you thought it was an alright idea to vandalize property that didn't belong to you and got arrested for it." My Ma voice said. It kinda sparked my interest but I knew better then to meddle in other people business.

"Go to your room until we are ready to talk to you" Juro told him. He seemed to be upset about his sons choice. Chanyeol Oppa and I saw Tae walk by with a dark hood over his head. From a small glance I saw that his hair wasn't orange anymore that it was brown. My Ma and Juro made their presence in the dining room. "Hello" Chanyeol Oppa greeted them as they looked at him. I stood up.

"Ma, Juro this is Chanyeol. He's Kai and my friend." I told them as they all exchange greeting. Chanyeol Oppa turned to me. "Thank you for letting me come over. I should be getting home, my mom might worry about me." I agreed and walked him out but before leaving, he gave me a hug and waved goodbye.

"Soo my daughter's love life is pretty interesting" My Ma said giving me a smile. I gave her the 'I have no clue what your talking about' look and left to my room to study.

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