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have you seen the formance yet, have you heard it yet. He updated his IG
and Of course his supportive BFF Liked his comment
she ment 2 days in a row...

as well and Youngjae and Jinyoung, by this time probably the Marknae did too.
This is Amazing Yesterday Mrkie Pooh Monday was their ANNIVERSARY and Today Wild and Sexy Tuesday He decide to realeaes his 2nd Generation..
Please everyone Support HIM.. and stream it we need to Support him as much as we can..
This gifs where they are practicing Never Ever.. this is his part where be says:
" Iam Yours and You are Mine"♡❤
ok so here's the 2nd Generation Performance earlier today in China just in case you miss my post earlier..

HAPPY 4th of July everyone be safe and have fun!!

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@sukkyongwanser thanks we can't stream it in youtube I think so we have to find a way
Okay it is a mission then.
I will support!