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I Written Another Story & I Would Love To See What You All Think ^^

I'm rly proud of what I wrote
I'll continue "Winter Days" for those who r still reading it... I hav major writers block for that one T^T


Story Summary: Jeon Jungkook has been brought back to life after a successful suicide attempt by a Guardian Angel, who swore to stay by his side to prevent this from happening again.
It was dark, there was nothing to be seen other than the bright, shining light that guided him down the seamlessly, never ending hallway.

Am I… Dead…?

Confused, feeling lost he slowly made his way towards it. He continued to follow the light until the sound of running footsteps bouncing off the walls, before the feeling of someone gripping his arm tightly. Completely thrown off guard, he stops dead in his tracks & turns his body around to see who the mysterious person was.

“You will be if you continue down this hall.” The man says in between breaths.

Who Are You…?

The man chuckles. “It’s a bit hard to explain…”

Jungkook began to ask more questions to the strange man.

Are You… God?

“Oh stop it~ how could you compare me to someone like him?”

Then… Who Are You?

The man smacks his lips.

“You ask too many questions, I’ll tell you everything later once I get your soul back where it belongs.” A “Boxed-Like” smile rose across his face.

My Soul?! Wait, How Are You Gonna-

The man cuts the confused boy off. “Like this.”

He grabs his hand tightly & held the other one up. With the snap of his fingers, the dark ‘realm’ around them goes completely white.

muffled sound of crying could be heard as well as the flat line. Jeon Jungkook’s eyes shot open & the heart monitor that was once flat, began to pick up at a rapid pace. This quickly catches the attention of both the nurses, as well as his once sobbing parents.

“J-Jungkook?” His mother choked up.

“Impossible!” A nurse quickly rushes towards his side. Jungkook’s vision soon returns as he looks around the hospital room.

What Just Happened...?

“Are you okay? Can you hear me?” The nurse questioned. Jungkook ignores her & continued to look around the room. His eyes stops searching around the room after he notices a familiar face - the man from before standing at the edge of the bed.

“W- wait,” Jungkook weakly manages to get out, as he slowly raised his arm which was hooked to an I.V & points at the end of his bed. The man tilts his head from, with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Who… is that..?”

“Huh?” The nurse & his parents placed their attention in the direction where Jungkook was pointing but-

“Who? No one is there.”

Doctors came rushing in & that was when one of them completely walked through the man, neither of them were affected. The hand which held out was suddenly grasped by his mother & father.

“I’m- I’m just happy we didn’t lose you, we’ll be better parents. Trust me, This will never happen again.” His mother sobs, with tears rolling down her soft, round cheeks before embracing her son. Breaking down into his shoulder. Jungkook manages to look over her, gazing at the mysterious man who no one else in the room could see but him.

Jungkook was required to stay the night at the hospital for the doctors could closely watch over him to make sure nothing else out of the blue happens or he has the intention to harm himself again.

Jungkook slowly opens his eyes after resting & carefully sits himself up. He, with his 'glassy eyes' looks at the deep, vertical knife cut that caused his passing.

“Oh! You’re awake.” Jungkook turns his attention to where the voice was coming from - it was the same man again, sitting in one of the chairs while reading a gossip magazine. He furrows his eyebrows at him.

“Are you happy now?” Jungkook asked, slightly raising his voice. The man looks up from his magazine

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t act like you have no clue what i’m talking about. It was my choice to kill myself, you didn’t have to bring me back, I did it for a reason!” The man stays silent as he calmly listens to Jungkook’s fit of rage.

“You gotta point, I didn’t have to but I did.” The man added.

“You never even told me who you are or what you are.” The man sighs & sets down his magazine.

“I can’t explain anything when you’re throwing a hissy fit, now can I?” Jungkook stays silent. The man stood up from his seat & takes a deep breath.

"My name is Kim Taehyung, your Guardian Angel sent down to protect you; to guide you." He introduced himself in a serious voice. Jungkook blankly stares at him for awhile before speaking.

"Ok I'm not buying it... what 'Guardian Angel' is decked out in Gucci?" Taehyung puffs up his cheeks & stomps his foot, contrasting his behavior from a few seconds ago.

"Ya! it's called 'style' I payed alot of money for this!" Jungkook, still blank faced, looked at Taehyung's head then looks at his shoulders.

"...Where are your wings & halo..?"

Even If He's Not An Angel, What Is He..?

That's when Jungkook's world began to change. Taehyung sighs deeply as he removed his white coat. He cracked his knuckles before the sound of sharp wind blowing pass Jungkook, causing the curtains behind him to move violently. Two, pure white wings rose from Taehyung's back. The just a pure feathers scattered around the room.

His once blank expression was completely changed by his brown wide eyes as the were focused on the man & his wings. Taehyung looks at him & smiles softly.

"Believe me now?"

I Hope You Enjoyed The First Chapter~❤

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