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This weekend I was lucky enough to visit Jeju with a bunch of other YouTubers. It was an AMAZING time!!

Watch the video here:

해녀 - Haenyeo
Haenyeo literally means sea women, and they are the women who dive for sea creatures without using any air device! They are super tough! The culture is actually dying since its a hard job and doesn't pay well, but Jeju wants to keep the tradition alive.

They put us in all their gear and we got into the water. The only trouble was that the flippers made it really, really hard to walk or swim so a lot of us (me) just sort of sat and watched because we couldnt get over the rock barrier and out into open sea (also im scared of the ocean so...hah!)
The next day we climbed a huge crater and it was seriously gorgeous. As you can see from the video, the climb is pretty hard but it was worth it for the view. Plus, lucky for us, it was raining and windy so it wasn't as hot as it was the day before. Perfect hiking weather :)

Manggjanggul Cave
Last stop was a cave made by a volcano! It used to be a lava tube which really freaked me out cause I was expecting lava to rush out at any minute! But it was suuuuper cold in there and felt like heaven!

Thank you for the lovely time Jeju :) Try to spot your favorite youtubers in my vid!

Oh that looks beautiful
I'm super jealous!
wowww.. It's amazing 😍💕
Ugh! I want your life! Very beautiful!
It's one of my dream destinations.