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I actually had to change the title of this card because while I was looking up more info on this, I found out it was originally a Korean drama!!!

I saw this trailer on my FB timeline and had to share but now that I know it was originally Korean, I might have to start a new drama too!

The Good Doctor is about a young surgeon who has high-functioning autism as well as savant syndrome - meaning he is an absolute genius when it comes to certain things in life.

But can a hospital accept a surgeon that technically has a disability? Some surgeons aren't hired simply because they have shaky hands!

It is set to come out sometime this year!!

Here's the trailer for the original Korean show "굿닥터"

Who else is interested?!

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Thank you for reminding me about that drama! I loved the drama so much!!!! I'll definitely have to watch the movie! Once again, thank you!
I feel like they are going to ruin it with the American version, I've seen the k-drama and I loved it because it was really good and the lead actor was awesome at playing his part
Ohmygod, I've seen the Korean drama and I left a trail of tears, I hope the American version is as good
When I first heard they were making an American version of that drama, I was like, Why? I liked how, despite his autism he ended up with the girl, so wonderfully cute
OMG I watched that drama and it was amazing! ! absolutely wonderful with joo won's perfect acting