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And there’s KWB with yet another episode of wonderful acting. He is really turning me into his fan just by his sheer talent and charisma. http://w.atch.me/o77Ykh http://w.atch.me/o77Ykh http://w.atch.me/o77Ykh I loved that scene he had with ESM – his gentle tone was killer. He was perfect in all this scenes with PSH. It’s hard to go against LMH and hold your own with his nuanced, controlled brand of acting, but KWB does it, and does it superbly without coming across OTT. His tone, his expression, action…was spot-on. He and LMH are evenly matched in this drama, since they both possess their own individual strengths that just translates to combustive dynamics whenever they are thrown together.
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