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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.


Jin kissed me hard and our breathing was heavy and fighting against each other. I could hear the kisses loud in my ear causing my body to stir and come alive in a fury. It was like a race; Jin couldn't stop himself, the same as me. I kissed him hard and he just pushed his lips down harder on me. His full lips took over mine and it felt like a suction was what kept us together. I could hear the wet sounds of our tongues wrestling with each other in a fury and it was driving me even more wild. I had loved Taehyung and we had slept together only a handful of times but this was an excitement I wasn't even aware of and it may have had something to do with the fact that I knew it was wrong but I loved it even more because of that.

"We-- Shouldn't." Jin said.

I held his face in my hands and nodded quickly.

"You're right we shouldn't." I breathed out quickly.

Despite that declaration, we quickly went back to kissing without hesitation. Jin wanted this as much as I did. I couldn't say that all my reasons were pure but I knew it wasn't just to get back at Taehyung. I'm not entirely sure it was to get back at Taehyung at all. I knew it was mainly because I felt like shit and I wanted some comfort but I hadn't even thought about Taehyung's betrayal. That might come tomorrow or after we had finished this but Taehyung was far from my mind. My mind was blank without a care of whether or not what I was doing was wrong or right. I was just in this moment and it felt so damn good.

His full lips came down to my neck placing kisses on the side I could feel his warm tongue pressing hard into my neck and he was tasting me like he was hungry. The more he tried to eat me up the more I worked at taking off his shirt. I pulled him over to the door of my room and pushed him against the wall. I could see a hunger in his eyes I've never seen in any one before but I was sure mine matched his. The fact of the matter was, at one point, I had strong feelings for Jin too. He was right when he told me I was looking for him to tell me no that day I asked him if he liked me. I wanted him to say no so I could explore what could be between me and Taehyung but God right now I just wanted to explore what could be between me and him.

I opened the door and walked in quickly and turned to beckon him inside with my finger. I saw him stand at the threshold for a moment. He was just staring at me, his expression softend for a moment but that same hunger still exisited in his eyes and I knew he wanted to eat me up and I was ready for him to do so. I removed my sweat shirt and was left in my white bra and my sweatpants. He looked at me curiously for a moment and then walked into my room and closed the door behind me. I smiled as he came in and started to remove his shirt. His broad shoulders were alluring especially when he collected me in his arms. He was stronger than I had realized.

He led me down to the bed and pinned me there. He placed his hand by my head before he went back to kissing my neck. I moaned softly as he led his kisses down my body, his tongue creating a wet trail the further he went down. He grabbed my sweatpants and started to pull them off of my body. I looked up at him pulling them off completely and throwing them to the floor. He looked at my panties and drew them off as well but quicker like he couldn't stand to tease himself as well. He kissed a line up my calf and my inner thigh until he met my heat and placed a soft kiss on my clit sparking a moan to relase from my lips. The moan was soft and gentle but enough to make him stir more. His tongue lapped me up so I could hear his breathing between the wet slurps of him eating me up.

He looked up at me from between my legs and licked his lips of my jucies. I felt my stomach greet a harsh coil. I was amazed at the rush he was giving me. I felt high and so sober at the same time it was hard to describe. I knew what I was doing and it was sending me over an edge and I loved it.

"You're already so wet for me." he whispered lowly as he came to my lips again.

"That's how much I want you." I whispered back.

He nodded and slipped his pants off but didn't move from over me. He did it so effortlessly, just getting them off and slipping them to the side. He pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss him. I could feel his big hand cradle the back of my head and then I felt him push into me. I squeaked in his mouth but he moved roughly again. His movements were rough but I liked the way he did it. He kissed me through it and then he broke the kiss to lock eyes with me. His moans were soft and breathy, his eyes were dark and he held me close. He occasionally dipped his head down to kiss my neck and making me moan with him. His soft moans were so sweet like he was innocent but what we were doing was far from that.

I looked into his eyes and they were full blown. He started moving faster inside of me and his moans became more prominet. The way his body rocked into mine and my chest, still covered in my bra, squished against him as he came down closer so he could kiss me made me tighten around him. I could feel my body just wanting to hold onto him and never let him go. His hand slid down my side to grab onto my waist and he started moving a little faster and a little harder catching me off guard. I looked up at him with hazy eyes myself. I loved the way he was touching me. He was breathing harder and I was feeling myself coming closer to an edge. I gripped onto his shoulders whinning as he moaned with me. His eyebrows pinched together as he moved more in me. My mouth was slightly open as he continued going with no intention of stopping.

I made an attempt to get on top of him to ride him but as soon as I tried to get up he pushed me back down to the bed. He grabbed my hands in one of his hands and kept them down on the bed. I giggled as he did that and he smiled as he continued to ride inside of me. The slapping of our skin seemed so loud in the other wise silent dorm.

"Jin. Jin." I whined.

I heard his sweet moan as he called to me,

"Y/n. Oh god- I love you." he moaned.

His eyes were shut tight and I don't think he was aware of what he just confessed but at the same time neither was I. I just heard the words, they didn't completely process in my head. He let go of my hands to entangle his fingers in my hair again and he kissed me roughly. I could feel his thrusts become uneven and I could feel my body trying to tell me I wouldn't be able to take much more.

"You're so tight." He whispered in my ear.

"Jin- I'm gonna- gonna cum." I whined as a warning.

He bit my lip and with a husky tone he said,

"I know."

He bent his head down to kiss the other side of my neck and he continued to ride in me as he gave my neck and collar bone soft sweet kisses led with his tongue. My body jerked and tensed as I felt my release come over me hard like a crashing wave. I tried to keep from screaming but it didn't help much because I instantly cried out loud while my eyes rolled back. He continued to move more and his moans became faster and his breathing was more laboured. He sounded closer than ever especially now that my walls were collapsing around his hardened member. He licked the bottom of my ear and nibbled on it for a second before he pulled out of me and I could hear his hand rapidly moving to finish him off. I heard him moan hard and long from deep within his throat. It had such a manly sound to it that I felt myself being stirred by that as well.

He released on my stomach and panted while he tried to come down from his high. He rolled over onto the bed beside me and I laid their trying to catch my breath. I just felt tired though, too tired to remember to clean up the mess that was on my stomach. I felt my eyes get heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep....

When I woke up, I was covered in the sheets of my bed and apparently I had been cleaned up. I looked to my side and I saw Jin rolling over like he had just woken up from a nap. He looked at me and his eyes widened and he jumped up. He ran his hands through his hair as he looked around for the rest of his clothes.

"Damn it, my manager is going to kill me." he said freaking out.

"Jin." I said calmly.

He turned to look at me and he sighed softly and caught my chin between his finger and thumb. He pecked my lips softly.

"Taehyung can't know about this." I said.

He looked at me and nodded,

"I know I agree." he said.

"Jin- what we did. It doesn't mean-"

"I know. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wished it did but I know." he said.

I looked away and I felt the bed kind of sink and go back up as he got off to collect his clothing. It was night time now and I couldn't go out because of my curfew but I also had no idea how hard it would be for him to leave. He'd been here for a while now. Me and him both put our clothes back on and I put my hair into a messy bun. I looked at him and said,

"Jin I'm sorry."

"You know you made the wrong choice choosing him, right? I told you- he was going to break your heart."

"Message recieved." I whispered.

"I never would've done this to you. No matter what, even after this entire year- I've loved you the same as I loved you the day we met." he said.

"I don't know if it was a wrong choice though. Jin I did love Taehyung at one point as well. I loved you both and I needed you to close the door on me so that I knew it would be okay for me to be with him. You actually did me a favor."

"But I still lost you in the process." he said softly.

"I sometimes wished you would've said you liked me too so that I could tell Taehyung there was no way we'd be together but me and Taehyung did share some great memories together. That's why this can't happen between us. At least not now. There's just too much heart break that could unfold. You're all trying to build your careers I don't want to be the thing that drags it down."

"Are you saying this is goodbye?"

I nodded. He looked at me clearly feeling distraught after such a great time together. He nodded his head and I headed to the door and looked out to see if my roommates were there. I walked him to the door and he walked out and turned back to look at me.

"I'll always love you Y/n." he said.

He turned back around and walked away. I went to my room and called Taehyung.

"Don't say anything until I'm done. I just called because I want to know why. Why did you do it?" I said.

I could hear Taehyung sigh and then his deep soothing voice said,

"There was just never any time to be around you. I missed you, I wanted to hang out but we only got one day a week, if that, to ourselves."

"You stopped loving me?" I asked.

"Maybe." He whispered like he felt guilty.

I think that was supposed to hurt more but it didn't. It could've been that I felt the same or because me and Jin had slept together and I just killed all chances of us being together. I think that part hurt more. I nodded even though he couldn't see me and I took in a deep breath,

"Why Heejin?"

"She's training to be a back up dancer here. I knew she had a thing for me and we started hanging out. I started-"

"You like her now. You should've just broken up with me first, as soon as you started to feel like you didn't love me anymore."

"I didn't want to lose you."

"No you didn't want to prove that everyone else was right about you but they were. I believed you, I loved you, I was loyal to you and you couldn't give me enough respect to be honest and just end it? When did the Taehyung I know become someone as fucked up as you?" I started speaking in anger and I could now feel the hurt of his betrayal I should've felt when I had seen him kissing her.


"Save it, the Taehyung I loved would've at least been honest with me and told me the truth was you stopped loving me. I would've had more respect for you then. It wasn't that you didn't want to lose me it was that you didn't want Jin to get me. It's like some competition or something. You just didn't want him to win."

"You're right. I didn't want him to win. I wanted to take everything from you before he did just to break his and your heart." I could hear a bitter tone in his voice like he was upset that I was accusing him of everything we had was fake.

I wiped away angry tears and said,

"Well you got your victory. I hope you enjoy it."

I quickly hung up the phone and smothered my face into my pillow with tears running down my cheeks. Yeah it was best that me and Jin weren't going to end up together. I'd have to see Taehyung everyday and I may even cause some problems for the rest of the group. I just couldn't continue to do that...


I ended up getting a low entry job at a science facility in Seoul after high school. I happened to move out there while Baekhyun was already starting up his career as an idol at SM. Mom and Dad at first continued to oppose it but they were starting to come around more. We texted each other back an forth about the things going on in their life. Gi Jong and him had broken up as well which I was super bummed about because I really liked Gi Jong but they remained friends and we all met up when ever we could for some coffee. It was easier to get to Gi Jong than it was to get to Baekhyun though. I understood Idol life was a busy life.

Sometimes I think back to when I was dating Taehyung and I just think that it's better that we broke up. If he didn't feel the distance as a trainee he sure as hell felt it now as an idol. Him and the other boys had made it as idols and they were calling themselves Bangtan. No suprise there, Namjoon probably told his manager and gave some speech about its profound meeting to convince them to let them continue going by that name. They didn't speak of their eigth memeber a.k.a me and I mostly knew the reason why. I wasn't apart of the group therefore I wasn't important to mention. All the boys tried to keep in contact with me after me and Taehyung's break up but I didn't know if it was to check up on me or if it was to prove the point that once you're Bangtan you're Bangtan for life.

I don't know how long it took for them to settle their differences but Jin and Taehyung were closer than ever and so were all the boys but I knew this about them already. They were such a close knitted family that it didn't matter when one of them did something terrible they would forgive and move on. It's what Yoongi wanted me to do but it wasn't that I didn't forgive Taehyung for what he did, in fact I was grateful because it led to that one night with Jin, it was just that I didn't want to cause problems. The only person I stayed in contact with was Jungkook.

Let me tell you, this little boy would not give up, he texted me everyday just talking to me about how his day was and he just waited for me to respond. I told him that I wanted to be alone and that we shouldn't be talking anymore and he wouldn't accept that answer he just continued to talk to me like nothing had ever happened. So Jungkook was the only member of Bangtan I had kept in contact with these past three years. They were super famous now and I heard that Big Hit took really good care of them which made me happy so I wasn't too worried about their health or anything.

I didn't keep major tabs on them I just kind of checked in every once in a blue moon and even asked Jungkook how the others were doing when I thought of them. I could just remember him, Jimin and Hobi taking me to the dance practice room to teach me. Jimin would be so disappointed when I didn't do a move right. Hoseok would just laugh at it for hours if my body moved in a weird way, where as Jungkook was trying to show me over and over, count by count, step by step how to execute the move. I got most steps but not all, I wasn't a dancer I can tell you that. Jungkook said that he figured Taehyung was just using Heejin for his physical needs and they had stayed together for a while before he finally dumped her. Jungkook speculated that he missed me.

I doubted it.

I didn't let him know that but I knew there was no way I would be going back to Taehyung. I heard that he did regret the last few words we said together though. Jungkook said he over heard him and Namjoon talking about what he said and Taehyund admitted he said all of it out of frustration and anger and he thought about calling me back to apologize but he knew I didn't want to speak to him.

He was right.

I was on my way to the starbucks down the street when I saw a bunch of girls crowding up on the sidewalk with their phones out taking pictures. I was close by a few of the musical studios so I was sure it was just some idol coming out for a drink and they were bomb barding them but I never turned to look to see who it was. I headed into the Starbucks to order my favorite cup of coffee and I suddenly had this weird tingle up my spine like I was being followed. I looked over my shoulder just as I was about to pay but at the same time a hand was reaching towards mine and pushing my hand down.

"Don't worry I've got this." he said.

I looked up at him with wide eyes and then smiled as I watched him order his drink and then pay for both of ours. He walked me over to the other side of the counter where we wait for our drinks and said,

"It's been a long time Y/n."

"It really has."

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