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Yep, Big Hit is making big changes (see wut i did there)

Big Hit has announced that BTS will be 'rebranding' and BTS will now stand for "Beyond the Scene" rather than Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

I don't think it makes a huge difference for me, but I wonder what that means - with rebranding that usually means a new marketing plan so what will they be doing, where will they be going, basically - I AM SO EXCITED.

What do you think?

They'll always be Bangtan Sonyeondan... Bulletproof Boy Scouts ... BTS to me .♡😊
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Then why did you make this card ? 😂😂 lol jk jk i get you !! 😂😂 What are your thoughts on the new english name ? ☺ DEF beats when people think it stands for " Behind The Scenes " 😁
Yeah as a vet ARMY it does low key piss me off. Like why water down cuz of late lazy western ppl who jumped on the BTS train late. When ppl ask men what does BTS stand for I love saying Bangtan Sonyeodan. They even have a song chanting it. Of the west can't pronounce nor understand the real meaning of BTS they don't deserve to be an ARMY. But let me digress...
It's too late. They will forever be bulletproof boy scouts, everyone laughed at it and it stuck forever lol
I read that beyond the scene will be an addition. "BTS are still Bangtan Sonyeondan, but in addition to being the Bulletproof Boy Scouts (the literal translation of their name), they will now include “Beyond The Scene”." This was from an article I read. I'm still comfused...but maybe it is just like P diddy or Prince. They have several names. However, I will make a card going into depth about the new logo and the meaning soon. Once I'm done traveling today.
Yeah what I'm seeing is they're staying bangtan sonyeondan they're just giving themselves and English name because of their popularity in the west. Bangtan Sonyeondan just doesn't translate well and they know that 😂😂😂😂
Beyond the scene is their new brand image and marketing tactic: 새 BI는 국내 최고의 디자인 컨설팅펌이 기획 단계에서부터 회사 임직원 및 방탄소년단 멤버들은 물론 리서치와 FGI(표적심층조사)를 통해 수집한 팬들의 바람까지 담아 일년 가까이 작업해 만든 결과물"이라고 덧붙였다. BTS (aka Beyond the Scene) and this new logo will now be on all official goods moving forward. Please send me an updated source (preferably in Korean) so I can correct anything but as of right now this is what the article is saying.
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