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I'm sorry I've held onto Danger for a few extra days and please dont hate me for the hang cliffer sigh, yes yes I did that to you lol. Anyway good luck
Eliza started working on Namjoon, putting foundation on his face and not entirely focusing on him.
“Eliza why are you pouting?” Namjoon asked startling her.
“Ouch, watch the brush” he said his left eye twitching.
“Oh I'm so sorry sweetie” Eliza said fawning over his eye.
He was inches away from her and clamped her arms around her keeping her in place.
“You can kiss it and make it feel better” he said.
“Uhm” she made in unreadable noise.
“Liza! Liza where are you?” She heard Jimin call out.
“Coming” she tore herself away from namjoon and headed for Jimin. He was a few seats away.
“Do you need something?” Eliza asked.
“Can you do my eye shadow? It doesn't look blended enough” he said. Rolling her eyes she looked for the eye shadow on the counter. “While your at it can you fix my part?’ He asked
“Why can't you get Belle to help you?” She asked.
“Because I don't want her to know how picky I am” he grinned at me. That sexy grin of his had me chuckling.
“Doesn't work on me, I know how picky you are” she shook her head “I was going to say if you don't have to fix belle’s work than I'd be having her do your make up every time” she said as she found her tools and started working on his hair part first.
“Wait” he grabbed my hand “really?” His eyes were hopeful.
“You care about the girl or your looks?’ Eliza asked.
“The girl” he said it so fast Eliza giggled.
“Oh we are so fucked” she mumbled.
“So I don't have to fix anything?” She asked hopeful.
“No . . . okay maybe just the eyes but that's all” he amended. Chuckling she blended the color in a bit more than was done.
“So . . . does this mean you'll let Belle do my make up next time?” He asked.
“Sure, she can deal with you” eliza waved at him as she left.
“You going to finish my make up?” Namjoon grabbed her hand as she passed him.
“Oh yes! Sorry distracted” eliza said making him chuckle.
“At these things I'm used to seeing you scatterbrained, but you look sad” he pointed out as she was finishing doing his make up.
“I will be un sad AFTER we get back home and this trip is forgotten” eliza said. Namjoon looked crestfallen and she brain backtracked what she said.
“Oh gosh no I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that” she started petting his hair. “I meant emotion wise not your winning an award. An American award this is happy trip filled with lots of emotions of happiness. Dammit I will be happy for you all and not think about any other emotions” she was peddling fast, all the way up until Jin walked in with a big pretzel and cheese in his hands, her eyes zeroed in on it.
“slow down” namjoon chuckled. “I didn't mean to get you all worked up. I know this trip has taken an emotional toll on you” Namjoon said.
“Hmm oh yes emotional toll” she said focusing on finishing his hair and fluffing it up. But the pretzel was on her mind
“So we're going to forget it happened for the night and think solely of Army” he said
“Hmm yes Army think of Army's. Pretzel” she said
“You said pretzel”
“No I didn't”
“Yes you did”
Namjoon turned in his seat and looked at her than zeroed in on what was behind her. “Pretzel” he said.
“Yes and cheese” she added.
“Do you want one?” He asked.
“Yes, only to replace Jin’s because I'm going to go steal it from him” she squealed as she set her tools down and walked towards Jin “by the way your done Joonie!” She called out.
Eliza went and sat next to Jin who was munching on his food
“Ah” she opened her mouth for a piece of pretzel when he looked at her.
“Wha” he questioned confused.
“Nummy pretzel, panda want” she said. “My pretzel” he said.
“Feed panda food” she insisted cutely, or tried. She waited until he dipped a piece in cheese and was about to eat it but Eliza pulled his hand to her and took the bite of pretzel.
“Nummy’ she sighed after swallowing
Jin just stared at her so she took more pretzel and ate it.
“Your gonna let her steal your food?” Suga questioned looking between the two of them. It snapped Jin out of his daze.
“Yes I'm going to let her. Than she'll get me a new one” Jin said.
“Thank you!” Eliza smiled as she happily ate the food as Jin watched her.
“I was starving there for a minute” she said when she was done.
“So was I “ Jin said.
“Yes, well you get food at this event, free food and drinks.” She told him making him laugh.
“True, what are you going to do while we are there? Explore the city?” He asked.
“Nope. Belle wants to watch the awards on TV” she said.
“So you can get a 5 minute glimpse of us on TV?” He asked.
“Yes! Its a big deal so we're watching since we can't be there” eliza said “and cheering you on from the hotel” she added.
Back at the hotel the girls made it back to the room so that they could watch it on the big screen. The guys were already at the place and were on v live as well.
“Did you get the snacks?” Belle asked.
“Yup got the snacks” Eliza said holding out the bag.
In the room the two got set up and got emerged into watching the awards. Most of the groups being announced they knew of but didn't listen to.
“Hey Belle.” Eliza said after the awards were over.
“Yea?” Belle looked at her.
“Do you want to do Jimin’s make up for a while? He requested it” she told her.
“Really?” Her eyes were wide.
“Yea. I'm not sure what's going on between you two anymore but I think he wants back in the race for your hand” Eliza told her. The shock on her friends face was apparent. “What? You don't like that? I thought after last night . . . “ Eliza narrowed her eyes at her friend and belle lunged away “no nothing happened we slept that was all” she started saying as Eliza tried to grab her.
Along the way the remote got hit and an infomercial came on.
“How would you like to look pretty” the TV boomed making the girls stop and stare at the TV. A man was selling cosmetics.
“I already look pretty!” Belle exclaimed talking to the TV and throwing a pillow at it. “Nuhah. With Classic make up you can look pretty” Eliza taunted.
“Well you don't use it either” belle narrowed her eyes.
“Yup I use nude make up on me and the boys. Andddd we all pretty!’ Eliza squeaked when belle threw a pillow at her.
“That wasn't code for anything” eliza said throwing a pillow back at her.
“Are you sure?” Belle questioned
“Yes I'm for sure” she huffed. Pulling out her make up bag for proof.
“Oh it really is naked” belle said as there was a knock at the door.
‘I'm praying they didn't here that” Eliza groaned.
“Now whose thinking dirty” belle laughed opening the door.

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