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There were only a few days left before they start their tour and once that starts, Junmyeon wouldn't be able to see Jae as much. He knew he was falling hard for her and he was trying like hell to keep from making any commitments like a relationship. He had already had a girlfriend once and his activities got in the way and they broke up. Even though they were still friends, he wanted to go back to her but she moved on. She was going to marry her boyfriend before he went to the military. She even invited him to her wedding but he had to decline because he wasn't going to be in Korea when it happened, at least that's what he told her. All he did was congratulate her and wished her well.

He loved her and he wanted to go on loving her but he loved being in EXO more. So he chose his career over her and she cried begging him to stay with her. He promised her that he would go back to her when everything takes off, when they made it big and he could give her everything but when that time came, she had found someone else. She found love with someone that could be with her all the time not part of the time. It was fair and unfair. She didn't wait for him like she said she would but she would have waited five years for him to come back to her. So it was only natural that she met someone else.

With Jae, she understood the business and the demands of living this life. He thought they would fair well if she gives him a chance. But he wouldn't make any promises this time and he wouldn't want her to promise to wait for him.

On the way to Jae’s place, he stopped and got food. He also picked up a couple picnic lamps and a blanket. These were things they had at the dorm but he didn't want the others to know what he was up to or he wouldn't hear the end of it.

When he pulled in, she was waiting for him.

“Hello Junmyeon-ssi.” She smiled, looking at him in the dim lights of the dashboard. “You look tired, why would you want to go out so late?”

“I know but I missed our nightly outings. Let's go.”

He took her to his parents house, they were out of town for a few days and wanted to use the backyard. He drove around to the back and turned the headlights off.

“Where are we?” She asked following him to the back of his car.

He opened the trunk and pulled out the food and the other stuff. He gave her the food and carried everything else. He told her to follow him and she did.

The backyard was huge with lots of trees and a high fence for privacy. You couldn't tell that you were still in the city. Junmyeon laid the blanket down, turned the lamps on and placed them on either side of the blanket. Then Jae put the take out food in the center and sat down on her knees to portion it out but Junmyeon stopped her and said he would do it. They kinda argued but Junmyeon won out and served their food. This whole set up looked like something you would do on a date, something you would do with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

There had been something on Jae’s mind for a while now. It didn't worry her but she just wanted to clear things up. She liked Junmyeon but she didn't like him like that and she didn't want him thinking otherwise.

Given, she was curious as to how they would work out. But lately, she found herself thinking more and more about Sehun. She looked up his profile, at his photos. He was more beautiful awake. His lips, his nose… his eyes. She knew she had no chance in hell with a god like that but she fantasized about being with him. She drove herself mad thinking about him, about being with him. It wouldn't be fair to Junmyeon.

“Why you so quiet all of a sudden?” He asked, his voice breaking into her thoughts. That was one thing she loved about him, his voice. It was smooth and light, like silk brushing against her cheek. She looked over at him.

“Just thinking about something.” She took a bite of her jjanjangmyeon, slurping the noodles like spaghetti. When she looked up, he was staring at her, it was a look that gave her butterflies.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked.

Jae put her bowl down, swallowed her food, and looked him in the eye, “I noticed the way you look at me sometimes and it makes me wonder, what are you feeling?”

Junmyeon almost choked on his food…

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I'm really starting.to feel.bad for Suho.
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He does. I'll just keep him for a while Husband won't mind. 😉.