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Jae handed him some water

Junmyeon gulped, “I….I…. ummm,” he laughed nervously, “I've been meaning to talk to you about that. I'm not going to beat around the bush about this… I like you Jae, I really do. I want to be with you. But it's very difficult to be in a relationship especially for someone like me. My work comes first, the group, the guys. I've thought about this so much in the past few days. All I keep thinking is that if only you could wait for me, for those times when I can be with you but that's too much to ask. I've done it before, I've tried to do that before and it didn't work out and now she's getting married to someone else. She's happy. Seeing her happy makes me realize, I can never do that for you. I couldn't do it for her…” He lowered his eyes, his heart was aching. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Junmyeon….” She said pitifully, she squeezed and rubbed his shoulder a little, “You really did a lot of thinking, didn't you? And truthfully, I like you too but I can't picture us being together. I can see us doing what we're doing now, hanging out, having fun, keeping each other company.” She looked down, then back to him, giving him a painful smile, “Being friends.”

His face flashed a little pinch of pain, he didn't like hearing that. As a matter of fact, he wasn't expecting to hear that.

“Friends…” he said slowly, “Just. Friends.” He looked her in the eye, “Jae… can I ask you something. It's something I'll never ask again.”

She smiled at him and nodded, she figured a favor for them to stay close, “Sure, what is it?”

He got up on his knees so that he was looking down at her, his hands came up and cupped the sides of her face, he traced his thumbs under her eyes, “Can I be with you tonight? Will you be mine for tonight only? I'll never ask you for this ever again.”

It kinda surprised her but she knew if she did this for him, it could change their friendship but they were both adults and he had to have known the risk of it. She took hold of his shirt and slowly worked her fingers up to his collar. Her heart was beating hard in her chest, she had to admit at least this much, she wanted to taste him too. When she had a hold of his collar, she pulled him down for a kiss.

Junmyeon felt every part of him bursting into flames, he loved how her lips moved. They fell back, Junmyeon threw everything out of the way, sending plates of food flying across the yard. He laid his body on top of hers, still holding onto that kiss. She fully encircled her arms around his neck as his hands went down her body, feeling every inch. He kissed down her neck making her hum softly.

“Oh Junmyeon…” she cried.

He pulled her shirt up and kissed down her tummy as she gently pushed him down. He pulled her leggings down to her knees, anxious to get to her. Her back arched up when his lips touched her, she moaned as his tongue shot in deeper, hungrily pushing its way into her. He pulled her leggings completely off, wrapping her leg over his shoulder. He nibbled the inside of her thigh, letting his fingers slide into her. He was getting hard, he wanted to be inside her.

She quickly took her shirt off when she felt her leggings come off. She reached down and pulled his shirt off, just as she got it off, his tongue and fingers hit a sweet spot and she moaned, twisting his shirt around her hands, biting down on his clothing, crying. She wrangled it around behind his neck and pulled him up. He kissed and nipped at her skin. He pushed his sweats down. She unhooked her bra, grateful she wore the one that hooks in the front. When her breasts were exposed, he licked up from under to the nipple, he sucked gently, his tongue making circles. His hips grinding up against her, teasing her until she was begging.

“Junmyeon” her voice almost a whisper.

He got up on his knees again, looking down at her, admiring her. He ran his hands down her body from her neck, over her breasts to her waist.

“Oh god, Jae, you're so beautiful.”

He pulled her up and kissed her hard. His lips gropping at hers. She touched his body in turn. When she released his mouth and kissed his torso, putting her hands on his hips, she kissed every inch of him until she came down to his waiting member. She looked up at him as she took him into her mouth. Junmyeon let out a long groan, his body swooned until he was arching back on his hands. He let her have him until he couldn't take it anymore.

He pushed her back onto the blanket, kissing her hard as he entered her body. They moaned in unison, their kiss turning wild as he thrusted more and more. Junmyeon had to pin her hands because her nails were scratching too deep, making the cool sting down his back. But he loved it, it reminded him of the old days when him and the boys had their way with whoever wandered into their domain. He rolled them over, making her ride him. he held onto her waist as she tormented him by slowly grinding him. He bucked up, wanting her to go faster but she just bit her bottom lip, smiling down at him. She pushed down on his chest with both hands, she lifted up her hips and moved in from another angle. Junmyeon threw his head back, moaning out, his own nails digging into the surface of her thighs. He felt like he was ready cum, when she stopped and felt her kissing his chest and then whisper into his ear, "Not yet, baby not yet."

Jae kissed him deep and they rolled around on the ground, kissing and touching each other until they were ready again...


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