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Im sure we all know about what happened with BTS rebranding and changing not only their logo but their english name as well.

At first i wasn't too happy with it but maybe it was because i didn't get what it meant for BTS and ARMY overall.

I couldn't see the bigger picture behind the name and logo change. It felt as if the last 4 years with them as Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Bangtan Boys... and the logo we all love was pushed aside.

Then i came across this...

It made me realize, They aren't pushing anything aside.

They are continuously growing together along side ARMY, a new chapter which we will continue to be together along side our boys. ♡

So let's keep loving and supporting our boys just as we have been! Im falling in love with the new logo already. ♡


☆PolarStarr Taglist☆

Bangtan's ARMY Taglist:


Okay I'm probably too far into the theories but why isn't jungkook going through his door? (Could also be taehyung? I don't know it's hard to tell in the picture)
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yea I'm wondering too
yeah...it's not a name change at all just an add on lol. was upset because I was getting a tat of the bulletproof vest but I have more added to it so I'm still getting it and it still has meaning to me.
I totally dig the brand change.
I'm crying. I love them so much!
ahhh hearing the reasons behind the change make me feel better. I feel a little silly, but I have major anxiety over change. and this is a BIG change. but I feel more comfortable with the change now.
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No problem! 😊 and seriously!! 😧😧
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