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Hey Otakus!

It is a bitter sweet moment for us because Yesterday @VingleEnglish announced that the current Mod System will no longer be used.

As sad as I am, I am really excited to see what is in store for us and an Ending can always lead to a New Beginning! So I have faith Otakus!

So I would like to take this moment and Thank ALL OF YOU❤

It was an Honor being the Japanese Anime Moderator for the last 3 Quarters! (9 Months)

Thank you to all of my Support Mods you guys were amazing and I am glad that we helped do amazing stuff for this Community❤ @BlackoutZJ @Tylor619 @alexcattura @TrustFundKid @OtakuDemon10 & @AmazingAshley thank you, you guys were amazing supporters.
To all of my Otaku Supporters whether you were a Follower or not Thank You for participating and joining in on the community activities & games!
And last but not Least thank you @VingleEnglish for giving me the amazing opportunity of being a Moderator. It was a fun and amazing experience that I will always keep with me in my heart❤

Thank you Once again to ALL OF YOU❤ It truly was an Honor❤

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@AimeBolanos 3 quarters sure does go by fast I remember when the moderator elections were held although it's a sad moment who knows what kind of system they'll have next but I'm sure you'll still be an astonishing and hard-working vingler and hey who knows maybe you'll still hold a rank similar to mod but only time will tell 👆👆👆
5 months ago·Reply
@ColtynGriffith Thank you that means a lot and I completely agree and like you said who knows xD
5 months ago·Reply
thank you for being our moderator and making my vingle experience so enjoyable. 💝
5 months ago·Reply
TuT thank you❤
5 months ago
Thank you too for everything. It was fun while it lasted.
5 months ago·Reply
Thank you it was fun😄
5 months ago
the fairy tail gif at the end gave me goose bumps was a good choice to bring the whole farewell post to a point 👌very effective👍
5 months ago·Reply
Haha Thank you I was hoping to get that out there xD
5 months ago