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Goodbye! ❤️

It's sad to say but...I'm not the Pokémon mod! Yesterday @VingleEnglish had announced that they have the changed the mod system, so for this quarter there won't be any mods, but they'll be trying something new for the is in the feature and and excited to see what they do

Don't worry

I won't be leaving I'll still be here making cards for you all!

Who's that Pokémon cards

It saddens me but I may have to discontinue my game, but a chance that I will play the cards if can figure out a way to have time for me to host my game. But what like to do is make cards and have some sort of with you guys other than Pokémon. There's more to me than just Pokémon.
Thank you all so much for your patience! And see you all soon!

Pokémon Tag Crew!

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Your card seems weird in the wroting part check it out xD
@Pockymon Lord xD
@AimeBolanos IT TOOK ME 4-5 tries to get it corrected!!!
@Pockymon Huh how wierd!
😢 Aw man
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