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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  2774 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 5

Jungkook’s Pov:

 The guys just sent Moon off and then went back to the dressing room. He sat at his satiation, he loved making Moon laugh. While there he saw a small envelope with Moon and someone else's name y/n? It looked to be important so Jungkook took it.

“Jin Hyung?” He yelled across the room. “I'll be back in an hour.”

“Ok be careful Jungkook.” Jungkook ran to the front and saw Moon take off. Jungkook pulled out his phone and started calling her as he ran after her. He stopped when she pulled up to the local big shot security center. That's where pretty high cops works.

 He was confused, her bodyguards followed behind her and they went in. Jungkook knew something was up but also knew if he asked she wouldn't say anything. Jungkook went in and followed behind. She walked in and went straight to a double door that looked to be a gym.

 He stood by the door and looked through the window. She went into a back room and came it wearing police gear. Her bodyguards did too. What in the? Once out she started warming up with them. Maybe they bring her with them for self defence train-OMG SHE JUST DROPPED KICKED HYUNGSIK! This isn't right something's off.

 Jungkook needed to ask Moon what was going on and give her this letter he opened the door slightly and heard Hyungsik yell.

“Aish Y/n!” Jungkook wondered who he was talking to when.

“Stop saying I like you or next time you'll end up in the garbage can!” Moon? Wait a minute.

 Jungkook pulled out the letter and saw it wasn't two names on the letter it was one name. Y/n Moon. He held the letter and kept watching, her  hair was put into a ponytail and her makeup was off. She wasn't in a dress like always, she looked happy. If this is the true Moon or Y/n, I think I like this one better.

 His thoughts were cut off when Moon started walking towards the door with her bag. Jungkook backed up then stopped he froze. What was he suppose to tell her now?


Y/N’s Pov:

“Jungkook what are you doing here?!” You walked to him and noticed an envelope with your name on it. “Shit!” You grabbed him and dragged him out the the front of the building and sat him on a bench. He looked to be in shock. “What did you see?”

“Everything…” he looked down at his hands in his lap.

“What do you know?”

“Your real names’ Y/n and you work with your bodyguards….that aren't actually bodyguards…” he looked like he was fighting himself. I'm so sorry Jungkook.

“What do you want to know…?”

“I want to know who you really are and what you actually do, Moon- I uh Y/N” he looked at you for once. He looked upset.

“Jungkook please let me-”

“Y/n!” Shit.

“Put your hoodie up!”

“What?” He looked more confused.

“Please Jungkook.” He proceeded and kept his head down.

“Hey Hyungsik and Seo Joon said you left your necklaces and told me to run them to you.” She worked at the front desk.

“Thanks.” You took the necklaces Jungkook and Yoongi gave you.

“Who's this?” She asked.

“He’s my dad’s old partner's son.” She smiled like I was dating him and left. “Come on.”

“Where are we going?” He said standing up and followed you to your car.

“I'm gonna tell you who I am.” You smiled and he smiled back.

 He got in and you drove to the park nearby where your dad used to take you. You and him got out and sat on the swings at the playground. No one was there. It was obviously to dark for normal people to be out.

“My dad used to take me here after he took my to headquarters. I am who I am because of him, he met my mom at his job.”

“What was his job?” Jungkook asked giving you his full attention.

“He was a secret agent.” You smiled. “When someone important was in danger he'd go undercover and find out who was the threat.” You sighed. “That's what I do Jungkook. That's what I'm doing for Bangtang.”

“We’re in danger?” He looked at you concerned.

“That's just it. I'm not to sure which one of you is in danger.” He looked at you. “How these cases go is that if they were after you. Once I took the job to be your stylist someone on the stylist team would object to it so it's not you...but it is one of your hyungs…”

“How do you know it's only one of them?” He asked looking at the lake.

“They wouldn't just knock out you just because you're the youngest. They have a reason for one of them…” your throat tightened. “I feel like they might be after Yoongi.”

“What? Why?”he looked more concerned.

“Jungkook I know I'm your stylist but he must treat them like shit.” He looked at you like you were crazy.

“Mo-uh Y/n Suga hyung is the one that always does stuff for the staff.” Now you you were the one confused. “He's the one who told us to never treat staff badly.”

“Woah.” You laughed a little. “He really is a good guy huh?”

 Jungkook placed a hand on your leg. And leaned in.

“Y/n, all of us are. We really do care about the people who work for us. If it weren't for them we wouldn't be where we are now.”

“Man Jungkook. I'm sorry. When I first showed up I tried so hard to hate you guys. Now I love you guys. You all are good people, I'm glad I took this job.” Jungkook held onto both of you so he was close. He looked so innocent.

“Y/n?” He moved closer. “Can I kiss you?”

“Jungkook.” You laughed at his cute shyness. You leaned in and kissed his cheek. “You're a good kid Jungkook.”

“A good kid that isn't your type, right?” You nodded. “I'm just happy I know the real you. I can't wait to tell the hyungs.”

“Jungkook you can't tell your hyungs.” He frowned. “It could put them in danger and that's the last thing I want.”

“I understand. Man I guess I kinda knew you liked Yoongi hyung.” You looked at him wide eyed.

“I do not like Yoongi.” You pushed his swing away.

“Yes you do. The way you talk to him, the way you look at him.” You scoffed . “He likes you too. He's always talking about you, he likes how your style doesn't match your personality everything.”

“Really?” You could feel your cheeks heating up. “Awww, wow.”

“You're perfect for Yoongi hyung. Even more perfect now that you're a secret agent. Too bad he can't find out.” You frowned. “It's kinda sad I found out and he didn't. I'm sure he'd love the real you more.”

“He’ll find out when I help one of you...but then I'll leave.” Jungkook started to tear up. “I came here to protect you guys once you're safe I can go…”

 Jungkook stood up and hugged me. I became so close to him and he knows who I really am, but it was the truth I'll be leaving all of Bangtang soon. I'm so sorry Bangtang, I'm so sorry Jungkook...I'm so sorry Yoongi.

 You drove Jungkook back to big hit and went home. Yoongi really does like me...I'll make the best of this time I have with all of them. I'm sorry you all don't know the full truth.

The next day

 You showed up to big hit and Jungkook said Yoongi was waiting for me in his studio. I gave Jungkook a hug and whispered to him to make sure he doesn't call me y/n. After I walked to Yoongi's studio and once I got there he smiled and motioned for me to sit on the sofa.

“What's up Yoongi?” He smiled.

“We leave for our tour in a week.” He said turning to face his computer.

“Oh yeah. It's been almost a week of me being here.” You said grabbing a pillow and cuddling it.

“Yeah these next three days we’re performing and we're gonna need you here. You haven't missed a day but these are late concerts.” He turned to you. “I know you probably have plans during the day but it'd be nice to have you spend the day with us here.”

 You stood up and sat on his lap. His hands immediately moved to my waist and his breathing sped up. You placed your hands on each of his shoulder and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around you and tightened his grip. You pulled away and smiled at him.

“I'm hopping that's a yes.” You rolled your eyes at him. “Can you stay like this and we can talk like this when you come tomorrow?”

“I'll think about it.” He pulled you closer nearly inches away.

“Don't play with me baby.” Ha! You have no idea.

 You stayed on him while he worked on his computer and you two talked every time he finished a sentence. You answered every questioned he asked you honestly. The only part you changed was your job.

 Once done you need to go and clear your station you went down there and started cleaning your station when the stylist came in.  You watched them and sat down putting in your headphones but not putting music on to hear their conversations. They all talked to each other so none of them were only here for Bangtang or knew what to do.

 You decide to finish up then go to the guys. It’s somewhere around lunch so I should sit with Yoongi. Then Jungkook, he does know who I really am after all. I sat with Yoongi alone at a table, Jungkook kept looking over and smiling at you two. Even though he has feelings for me he's happy for me and I appreciate that a whole lot.

“Woah you dad was a stylist too?” Yoongi asked taking a drink from his cup.

“Yeah.” You drank yours too. “That's how he met my mom.”

“Woah. Think you might meet your future husband on the job too?” ...if I do I hope he's on my side...and not a client…

“I don't know...I never thought about it.” You started playing with your drink. “What about your dream Yoongi?”

“Huh?” He looked thrown off by my question.

“What was your dream?” You asked.

“To produce music and show people it. Make my family proud, you know.” He said leaning back in his chair.

“But you're living that dream, right?” He nodded with that cute half pout face. “Then shouldn't you have a new dream?”

“Hah.” He smiled. “I never really thought about that either. That means you're living your dream too. Do you have a new dream?”

“Not really no.” Yoongi look at the clock and stood up.

“I guess we should both think about them huh?” You nodded. “And hey when I find mine. You'll be the first I tell.”

“I'll do the same.” You smiled as he left. Min Yoongi you make me think more than anyone else...except my 9th grade history teacher...yeah you're a close second.

 You walked over to kookie and sat to talk. He was in the middle of stuffing his face with his food. So you waited and laughed at the boy that looked like a bunny.

“So!” He said chewing. “How are things with Yoongi hyung? You were smiling a lot.”

“Haha I'm telling him the truth about everything Jungkook…”

“Except the parts about your job?” You nodded. “Yoongi hyung is understanding Moon. But we do get upset when people don't tell us the truth. We are human and stuff like that still hurts. Especially if we have feelings for the person.”

“I know that Kookie. Even now that I told you I know it still hurts you.” He gave you a small smile.

“It hurts now but it'll either heal or make me stronger later.” He's smart.

“Strong enough to handle me flipping you?” You joked.

“Hey you caught me off guard I couldn't prepare for the fall!” You laughed at him. “Maybe you could teach me that!”

“Hahha why?” You asked standing up with him to throw away your food.

“To protect myself from Jimin hyung. He's obsessed with me.” You laughed.

“Haha maybe but not for the reason you think.” He looked at you confused. “Jimin really is obsessed with you.”

“Seeee even you agree.” He said following you to the stylist room.

“Jungkook all of the Bangtang A.R.M.Y agrees.”

 You went into the stylist room and started fixing up your station Yoongi wasn't there so he was probably in his studio. You tried to tell him as much about you as possible, but you still felt guilty. Jungkook's young but smart. Even after this job I'm not able to speak to Bangtang anymore. Their clients, it's against the rules.

 You went to spend the remainder of your time with Yoongi in his studio. After you both walked to the stylist room. You starting fixing up Jungkook and once you finished cleaned up station then sat to talk to him. Every now and then catching Yoongi looking at you smiling. He even looked away so fast his stylist made a mark on his cheek making you laugh.

After the guys went on stage. You, Jungkook, and Yoongi were still there and you gave Jungkook a hug and wished him good luck. After doing that Yoongi whirled you around and hugged you then kissed your forehead.

 You sat with the others like usual but this time you listened to every song they sang and performed. Yoongi kept looking at you, and you actually enjoyed the music and performance. They are all really talented and hardworking. No wonder Jungkook is always so sweating after they perform.

 Yoongi ran off stage to meet you in the room first and lifted you off the ground hugging you like a movie scene.

“You actually watched us perform Moon.” He kissed your cheek. “Did you like it?”

“Your songs…” he looked at scared. You grabbed his head and kissed his cheek throwing him off guard. “They're amazing Min Yoongi.”

 He grabbed you by your waist and forcefully pulling you closer to him. His face nearly inches away from yours. He closed his eyes and started to lean in, you did the same till.

“MOON!” You pushed Yoongi away and he looked at you semi upset. “You watched us! How'd we do?”

You gave him a towel and helped him take off everything. “You guys did amazing, Kookie.”

 The next day was just like yesterday. I sat and got to know Yoongi, ate with Jungkook, went back to Yoongi and then helped them get ready. You had just sent off the guys on stage and you were ready to watch them.

“Hey Moon” Yoongi called you and you walked over to him. “Tomorrow the first song we’re performing is ‘So Far Away’ the one I've been fixing for Jungkook, Jin and I. I want you to listen to the lyrics alright.”

“Of course I will Yoongi.”you said as he left and your phone started to ring. It was you Boss.

“Yes sir?” You opened the call.

“Y/n, I have a job for you are you busy?” A job?

“Idk boss the guys just went on stage.”

“It's a small job Moon but important, tell you what I'll mark this one as a mission to knock off one of your final six.”

“Really? Ok sir I'll be there soon.” You ran to where you usually sit and told the guys you'd be taking a small job for the boss and will tell them about it tomorrow with that you were off.

Yoongi’s Pov:

 He had just hugged Moon and she wished him luck. Once on stage he looked over to where Moon would be sitting and she wasn't there, she later came talked to her bodyguards then left. Yoongi didn't see her at all after, and Jungkook had to take off his own make up and clean the station. Where did she go?

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