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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa, your Boys Republic leader. I'm going to reintroduce you all my Member and Ultimate Bias Sunwoo. Then I'll say a little something about myself.

Name (Real Name): Sun Woo (Choi Seonwoo) Formerly*: Dabin Hangul: 선우 Position: Vocal Birthday (Y.M.D): 92.03.12 Nationality: Korean Height: 183cm (6ft) Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Blood Type: B Sub-Unit: N/A Formerly of*: TOUCH
Stage Name: Sunwoo/선우 Real Name: Choi Sunwoo/최선우 Former Name: Choi Dabin/최다빈 Nicknames: Gentle Giant, Milky Prince Birthday: March 12, 1992 Birthplace: South Korea Blood Type: B Height: 183 cm Weight: 65 kg Position in group: Lead Vocalist, Visual Languages: Korean Hobbies: swimming
Here is a Sunwoo profile video

So look forward to seeing more him every Sunday. : )

Now for a little about myself. I'm a multi-fan in multiple fandom. I am also in numerous mod support, so you will probably see my multiple cards. I'm looking forward to the new Quarter. Please join us in this fun and crazy 3rd Quarter : )

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I am ready to join the fun and craziness! 😂