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According to some possible spoilers in the few episodes of Dragonball Super Caulifla and Kale are supposed to ask Goku how to achieve his super Saiyan Blue form and this has had alot of positive and negative comments about it because if she is too receive this form in the tournament it would be considered too soon... @Kell13 and I have been talking about it and we would like to know your views on it
pretty much same opinion as @Kell13
I would like cabba to achieve some sort of better form at least if caulifla is shooting all the way up to blue like that the universe 6 saiyans are a nice touch but with their strange and easy method of transformation it'll be a super saiyan blue bargain sale before we know it
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well he has been a super Saiyan for a longer amount of time
She easily mastered ssj so its possible for her to learn how to turn ssjb. Especially if goku teaches her how to transform.
Like I said earlier, I absolutely love the idea, I hope she just trains for awhile first.
that's wayyyyyyy too soon for her to get blue. What is Toriyama up to?