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Dad Trolls Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies, Gets 2x More Followers Than Her

How do I become a part of this family?

You can check them out here and here.
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where can i follow this man?!
4 months ago·Reply
right I was thinking the same thing
4 months ago
아부지 ㅋㅋ 아부지는 한사람인데 딸은 몇명 되는것같네..ㅋㅋ
5 months ago·Reply
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@KpopandKimchi can you help us with the tranalate?
4 months ago
why does her "tattoo" keep moving xD
4 months ago·Reply
it's something called mirror when you edit your photos
4 months ago
4 months ago·Reply
she got the spn tatt
4 months ago·Reply
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