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Do you think she should have been saved or do you think she deserves punishment?
I think Sai'll take care of her. It all goes back to f***ing Danzo; why are we still dealing with his bs!? 😠 So in conclusion, I guess I say misguided friend. Though there's really honestly a bit of a shortage of straight up villains in Naruto; they all kinda become antiheroes, so it's almost a bit of a relativity question...
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glad that got figured out!
Danzos FAULT!
All of the yes!
I feel like her situation is more like a Haku and Zabuza kinda thing. (Or at least thats what it reminds me of 😋) Hopefully whatever punishment, if she gets one, isnt too bad and we'll stull get to see her from time to time. But I do have to say that I dont ship her with Boruto lol BoruSara all the way hahah 😂
Yeah, I came to the Haku comparison too. Agree 100%!
Crikey mate another "believe it" wave is coming hit the deck, now if we can just calmly observe this wild "Naruto" 2.0 we clearly see his first wild "Sasuke" filled with revenge that he successfully takes down and brings back to the village / I think that she will be a good friend of boruto and I hope she stays around like more of a main character /
idk with this latest episode idk who I ship with boruto more but it's leaning a little more towards sumire rn if anything
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