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They woke up the next morning, he kissed her shoulders to wake her up. She rolled around and looked him in the face. He pecked at her lips and she accepted his little kisses.

“This changes nothing between us, Junmyeon.” She said softly, giving him one last kiss. He pulled away and left a kiss on her forehead.

“I know.” He replied and snuggled against her for a little while longer.

After he dropped her off at home, she got ready for work. She didn't expect him to call her anytime soon but she also suggested to him that they keep their distance for a little while, to let things cool down between them. He agreed.

When she arrived at work, her boss called her and told her she needed to come to his office. She turned around from the film and theatre department and headed the main building. When she got there, she was surprised to see Nari sitting in his office. She went over and hugged her.

“Oh Unnie! I've missed you” Nari said barely audible and then sneezed.

“Are you sick?” Jae asked making her sit back down.

“I am. I really don't feel good Unnie. My body aches so bad. I just feel so horrible.” Nari laid her head down on the boss’ desk.

“Have you seen a doctor? Do you need anything? What can I do?”

Nari patted her arm, “It's okay. They said there's nothing they can do. Its gotta run it's course.”

“If you're sick, then why are you here? You can make others sick too.” Jae covered her mouth and nose.

Her friend smiled or tried to, “I don't know. I got back early this morning. I'm sorry I didn't call you.”

“Its okay, don't worry about it.”

Their boss came in with a box of tissue and handed it to Nari. She blew her nose and sniffled. Jae stared at her friend so sympathetically.

“Okay ladies, this is what's going to happen. Nari is going to be going on sick leave and you can't come back unless the doctor says you can, got it?” He said looking at Nari, she nodded and then sneezed into a tissue. “Now, since you won't be able to go out on this tour, I'm going to assign it you, Jae. Are you up for it?”

Jae looked at him wide eyed, “Me?”

“Yes. You're the next best one, no actually I wanted to give it to you both but you were being requested by the theatre department to continue working on the play. But I think they can do without you.” Her boss said looking at some papers.

Jae was in disbelief and it hit her, she realized the only boy group she knew leaving on tour was Junmyeon’s group. She couldn't do it. Her and Junmyeon just crossed a line and needed time apart, and there was Sehun. She fell for him even though they never actually met. She couldn't stop thinking about him, as much as she wanted this opportunity to be close to him, there was still the matter of Junmyeon.

The voice inside her head was screaming.

“You'll have fun unnie, don't pass this up!” Nari said encouraging her to go.

“Are you familiar with EXO?” Her boss asked.

Jae shook her head, “Only what I've heard on the radio. I've never really… ummm, they have good music, that's about it.”

Nari looked at her, the boss looked at her then laughed, “Well, get to know them. Because you're going to be spending the next three weeks with them. Here's the itinerary and schedule, they'll be starting here in Seoul and then moving on to three shows in China, then Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Milan, and then a final show here in Seoul again. In between a couple of shows, you'll be returning here for a couple days so they can do their promotional shows. You'll be able to relax at that time. You'll have to get a visa before you leave for China. The company will take care of that, just fill these out.” He handed her some papers, “It should go through in time. Just get them back to me by the end of the day. And you won't be working make-up, you'll be working with the hairstylist. I know you can do it. I've seen your work, you'll do great.”

“It'll be great!” Nari squeaked with her barely audible voice, “I'll come over later and we can watch their videos. I'll help you learn their songs and which member is which!”

“You've already meet Junmyeon.” Her boss added.

“Oh that's right, how did that go?” Nari chimed in.

Jae pretended to think about it, “It went alright. He was a little rough at first but he was okay after a couple days. Not difficult at all. I just think…. He needs someone, the same person there all time, not numerous different people walking in and out.” She smiled thinking how true that was.

Her boss agreed.