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Jae and Nari left their boss' office together. They walked arm and arm talking about everything. Jae was happy to have her friend back even if it's for a short time.

“You know I've only been to this building a couple times. What's here, what goes on here?” she asked looking around. She seen two huge doors, “What's in there, can we go in there?”

Nari pulled her and they went in. It was a studio. There was a photoshoot going on. They watched for a bit and then left. They wandered upstairs. Nari was explaining what the building was mainly used for and that the top floors are where the groups had their practice rooms. Jae stopped.

“Practice… dance practices?” She said not wanting to take another step.

“I think EXO is here. Let's find them and see what they're doing.” Nari pulled on her arm but Jae just stood in one place.

“You know what... Let's go, I gotta fill these out.” She looked at her watch, “Boss said by end of the day.”

“No let's go see, just once okay. If they're not on this floor, then we'll go.” Nari was excited. Even though she worked on celebrities before, seeing EXO up close would be a dream. She trotted down the hall looking into each door. When she got to the end, she hung her head as she walked back to Jae.

“They're not here?” Jae asked.

Nari stuck her lip out, “No.”

“Well let's go.” She grabbed her friend by the wrist and headed for the elevator. Jae wanted to get out of there. She didn't want to run into him… run into them.

Just when they got to the elevator, they heard a roar of laughter coming from the other side. The doors opened. Nari’s mouth dropped. She stepped aside as all nine walked past her. She practically bowed to each of them but they didn't seem to notice her.

“Oh my god.” Nari whispered. “Unnie… look at them, they're all so beautiful.” She hopped a little, she squeaked, “Xiumin oppa is so handsome.” She turned to see if Jae was watching but she was gone. She went around the corner but no one was there. “Unnie?... Where did you go?”

She peeked into the elevator and seen Jae standing straight up against the wall where no one could see her.

“Why are you hiding?”

“I'm not hiding. I was waiting for you. You were so busy looking at them you didn't even see me get in. Come on, let's go….” but Jae had seen them. She had watched them walk down the hall like Kings and Nari was right, they were all so handsome. But her eyes were on Sehun's back and when he stopped and turned around, that was when she hid in the elevator. He was perfect.

“No unnie, we have to go take a peek.” Nari trotted back down the hall.

Jae pinched her lips together, she was ready to yell at Nari to come but instead all she said was, “damn.”

She got off the elevator and walked up behind Nari, she slowly peeked over her shoulder into the open door. She seen Junmyeon, he was smiling and looked so happy he was glowing. Even when he stood off by himself, he looked content. She knew it had to have been because of the night before but she was glad it happened, she's never saw him smile like that before.

Then she seen Sehun, her tummy twisted with excitement. That sweet young thing started dancing, the way his body moved, his long legs, the way he watched himself in the mirror, he was precise in his movements. Then the others joined him. They were warming up with an old dance number. “Oh Sehun, see me.”, she said to herself and recoiled, she couldn't believe she just thought that.

Nari looked at her and seen that dreamy look on her face. She looked to see who she was eyeing.

“Unnie, who you looking at?”

Jae snapped out of it and walked away, she looked back, “let's go, I gotta get this done.”


Sehun stopped dancing, he felt a sudden urge to go to the door. He opened it the rest of the way, he looked one way and then the other, he seen the elevator doors barely closing but didn't see who was in it. He had a feeling, like something was pulling at him. It had been a strange feeling, he never felt it before. He shut the door and locked it, he hoped he didn't have to stay late today. He had some place important to go.

He looked over at Junmyeon and saw how energized he was. He'd been like that since he got back that morning. They had all stayed late for practice last night but yet when he got back to the dorm, Junmyeon was already gone. So he drove by Jae's place, her light was on but no sign of Junmyeon, so he figured he must've gone somewhere else. He stayed outside her apartment for an hour or two before he got too drowsy and headed home. His hyung said he had gone to his parents and decided to stay the night.

Sehun was fine with that, so long as he wasn't with her.


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