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Whoa, Sungmin Won't Be on SuJu's New Album...

I didn't think the anti-Sungmin fans would be able to make it this big of a deal but here we are :/

Sungmin posted this to his instagram and here is a rough translation:
Hello, It's been a long time since I've greeted all of you. First of all, I apologize for the inconvenience to many fans. Recently, there have been many bad stories and I am sorry that the answer is delayed. I am truely upset and sorry about that. In retrospect, I seem to have forgotten my position as an idol, who grew up with the love of many fans for over 10 years. I think that there should have been more communication [about my marriage]and more careful consideration. There were people who felt betrayed by misunderstandings and rumors. While I was in the army, I was looking forward to this new album every day. As a member of Super Junior, I want to be loved by Super Junior for a long time. Therefore, I think that it is the right decision to think of Super Junior in the current situation [with my controversy], to not participate with the team for this album. I did not want to make a fuss of this comeback because it is important for everyone, and because the Elves would not be able to cheer for us with sincerity. I am sorry for the fans who love me and support me but I think I need some more time and effort. Elves, please support this Super Junior's comeback with heartfelt sincerity.

So don't worry, Sungmin isn't leaving forever, but it does mean that he won't be involved in this comeback :/

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I find it awful that ELFs can do this to one of the Super Junior members and that Korean fans have that much power.
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I'm so mad at the fans that did this. they should love an support each member. ive been an elf since i got into kpop and this makes me feel disgraceful of my fandom. that they would choose their own happiness over the members happiness makes me really disappointed in them. i love all members all 15 even if no one agrees with me all 15 should be loved whether they have left the group or are apart of subunits they are still super junior
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yeah i remember one time they almost threw acid on hangeng i was pissed! 馃槨
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I don't even like SJ and I think this is absolutly ridiculous. Tell that man to live his life! Poor thing just wants to be an idol, leave the guy alone!
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this would be the first time in awhile they would be back as a group and someone already had to fuck it up
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