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After The Show...

Sehun was upset. Jae had snuck away while he was on stage. He was going to go over to her place but when they got back to the dorm, he had something to do first. He had to talk to Junmyeon. Because sooner or later, he was going to bring her home, he was going to tell the others about how much he loves her. Lay hyung knew already, and Kai knew. He wasn't going to hide it the way Junmyeon hid his feelings for her.

They were alone in their room.

Sehun knew it was going to be hard for him to hear but he didn't want him finding out from someone else.

“Hyung…” he called to Junmyeon from his bed, his face buried halfway into the pillow, he felt a twist in his guts, “Hyung, I need to talk to you.”

Junmyeon was wiping his face, he sat on his own bed, he gazed over at Sehun questioningly, “What's up?”

Sehun swallowed hard, he sat up. He rocked back and forth, looking down at his feet on the floor. “Hyung, I have to tell you something.”

Junmyeon became concerned. Sehun looked really nervous, his voice was shaky, he looked like he was having a hard time. He went over and sat next him, putting his hand on his shoulder, “What's wrong? You can tell me anything, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun stopped. He took a deep breath, he looked Junmyeon in the eye, “I love her, Hyung. I love Jae.”

Junmyeon's face dropped, the comforting smile he had, slowly disappeared. He got up and walked across the room. What sehun just said, was couldn't sink in but he believed it.

“I love her, Hyung. I want to be with her…” he squeezed his eyes shut and stood up to make his declaration, his confession, “I want to be with her forever... She belongs to me now. I made her mine. She accepted me.”

Junmyeon turned around, grabbing Sehun by the collar, “Stop saying that!”

Sehun grabbed his hands, thinking he was going pull them off but he saw his hyung’s eyes turning red and watery. If his hyung was upset and angry and wanted to punch him, then he was going to let him do it. He stole her away, it was his right. His hands went down and he waited.

“Why? ...Why would you do that? You're my brother, why would you steal someone I love. Don't you even care about my feelings? Did you even consider me in any way?” He let Sehun go and stepped back, looking at him disappointed.

Sehun hung his head, “Hyung, I did. I tried to stay away. But it was too hard. The more I stayed away, the more I wanted to be near her, to be in her presence. I would go mad…” he said grabbing his hair like a madman.

“You followed us…” Junmyeon said remembering that time at the restaurant, “Was it everyday or just the one time?”

Sehun looked away, “I tried not go every time.”

“Did you follow her even when I wasn't around?” he asked, thinking of all the times he had to stay late for practice and Sehun would take off quickly and come back late.

Sehun nodded.

Then he thought about the last time he was with Jae, that night behind his parents house, “Did you follow me when I took her to my house?” Junmyeon asked,

Sehun shook his head, “The night you stayed out? No. You left before I got back.” He looked at him wondering why he asked that.

Junmyeon turned his back to him, “Lay left for China already, you can sleep in his bed until things settle.”

Sehun understood so grabbed his pillow and phone, he stopped at the door. “Why do you ask if I followed you that night.”

Junmyeon was hurt and he wanted to hurt Sehun in return. He didn't have to say a thing but he knew Sehun will always wonder and he may hound Jae for answers.

“Have her… I got what I wanted from her that night.” Junmyeon said spitefully. He returned to his bed, pulling the covers over his head.

Sehun got upset, he walked back and stood next to his bed, glaring down at the lump that Junmyeon made under the blanket and started hitting him with his pillow. With his bottom lip shaking, SeHun made his demand, “Hyung, I love you but… stay away from her from now. She's mine now, only I will love her.” He slammed the door behind him.

The next day, Sehun tried to hurry to the airport, he wanted to catch her before she left for Japan but he was too late. He watched the planes taking off, not knowing which one was hers. Before he left the airport, he pulled his phone out and sent her a text.

When you return, we have some unfinished business to finish.
Eyes That Lost You ties together: Secret Of A Noona & Run Jun Myeon


I still feel.bad for Suho.
Damnit Jim!!! Going to leave us hanging Aish!!!
I read the ending before the beginning 🤔😣 still good fam love the cliff hanger but hate it again!
This full circle is fabulous mama!!! @matty0203 this circles back to the first Secret of a Noona.
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Thanks!!! I tagged the first "page" to read later!!
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