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Lol okay once again I'm highlighting on a mans arms but ... but .. but its Shownu! And its not just fans that are digging his arm candy!
Lookie Lookie!! Even the other members want to touch!
Okay not gonna lie, I'm jelly! He gets to bite! lol

I love watching I.M bit Shownu's arm don't ask me why. lol and I swear I adore when Jooheon calls him appa
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@SweetDuella lol love you too 💙💙💙
5 months ago
Why couldn't that be me?? Like why?? Wwhhyy??
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@SweetDuella I'll try if I ever meet him
5 months ago
*flashes back to that 'Monsta-X answers wikihow articles' how to touch a guys muscle without looking gay* yummy
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😂😂😂. the pictured evidence of how its done makes an apperance. lol
4 months ago