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I saw this discussion on another forum and wanted to ask it here!

All companies have a different feel and style to them and have a huge affect on the groups and artists they're home to. Would you like to see any artist in a different company? Do you think a style suites them better?

Mainly, I'd like some of the smaller groups to be in bigger and better companies.

There are SOOO many talented groups that have failed or are super tiny just because their company can't/doesn't market them the way they deserve. Like how if you're in SM you know you'll be successful because they have the $$$ to do it whereas if you're in an unknown company its a lot harder.

I'd love to see how iKon could have done if they were in Big Hit just because I feel like YG has been playing around with them... same with WINNER, maybe they'd do better in SM. Mainly I love YG but for marketing people who aren't Blackpink and Big Bang, I'd like them to be in other places LOL.

What about you?

and Henry
NU'EST FREAKING ANY OTHER COMPANY .....Nu'est got played and it's so wrong and I feel bad for them. They worked so hard and yet this is what happens to them ...
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@michasaysnihao their company hardly promotes for them. Compare Nu'est's promotions to Seventeen's and you'll see why Nu'est got played. No shame to Seventeen cause I freaking love them too but poor Nu'est has worked so hard!!!
B.A.P LAWDY JESUS. Everyone is sleeping on them and they were just beginning to get big when the lawsuit came around. All the members are so talented, yet TS IS DOING THEM NASTY. If you're going to do a shit job at promoting your idols, then don't start an entertainment company in the first place wtf.
NU'EST was done so wrong so I'd put them somewhere else. FTIsland would probably have done better in korea under a different company i think.
I just wish groups that don't get promoted well enough or treated well in their company could be in another company. Like EXO, bad news always is being heard from EXO. I feel like CMBLUE would fit perfectly under JYP. JYP has DAY6 and I'd like to see CNBLUE under JYP.
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