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Who: Choi Seunghyun x Siobhan Burkley What: AU, Quick romance. Mini series. Story: The King of Vampires has called an order....Vampires must die. The sound of sucking came from the other room while Siobhan walked into his room. She saw Seunghyun on the floor sucking blood from the neck of a pretty blonde that looked like she just walked out of a 50s movie. "Alright that's enough." She said. A progeny normally didn't order their maker but their relationship was always a bit different. Seunghyun continued to drink and she pushed him off the girl. He looked up at her with almost innocent eyes while licking his fingers. She knelt down to the girl to check her pulse, it was slowing down, he drank too much. She sighed and used her blood to heal the bite marks on her neck. Seunghyun pushed her and went back over the girl's body. Siobhan picked him up and pushed him against the wall. She flipped on top of her and pushed her into the wall so Siobhan kneed him in the groin. "I hate it when you get blood drunk." She rolled her eyes. She lifted the girl and looked her in the eyes. "You're going to go to the hospital and go quickly, you feel weak and you don't know why. You haven't seen me or that man behind you." She said. The girl stood up and Siobhan led her out of the house and hailed her a cab. The driver asked where she needed to go and she said, "The hospital." Siobhan turned around and went into the house. She found Seunghyun sitting on the ground and looking at the floor with blood on his face but his hands had healed now. "So I'm guessing you haven't been drinking live recently." She said sitting down in a chair in front of him. He just stared at the ground and Siobhan sighed. She leaned forward and tried to look him in the eyes. "Seunghyun. I'm talking to you." She said. "How long are you staying? Until we kill all your brothers and sisters?" "Why so you can just make more? I went away from some clarity not to be pulled back into this are you insane? Seunghyun you turned a bunch of people that we now have to kill. Some are only weeks old just discovering their new abilities. You ended their first life only to make their second one shorter." "Then you shouldn't have left me." He said. "One decade away from you and you freak out? How many times do I have to prove to you you still have my loyalty no matter what happens? I would've come back?" she said. "When? When Jiyong found away to prove you're a heretic? When I would be forced to watch you die?" "You have no idea what you're talking about Seunghyun." Siobhan said. "What did he do to you Siob?" "What he did has nothing to do with what's going to happen next. We have to cull the others so just stick to pointing them out for me and I'll kill them." She said. "You can't handle that." "Well it's not like I have a choice now is it?" Siobhan stood up and walked upstairs, she remembered the entire layout of the house. He hadn't changed a single thing; she even went to peek into the bedroom they once shared, everything was exactly the same, like she had never left. She sighed, thinking maybe she was a bit harsh with Seunghyun, she already knew he felt bad about what he had done. He just wanted her back home but she couldn't stand the life Jiyong was forcing her to live. Even after she was turned, she didn't enjoy drinking live much. She was able to compel very well though, she started to figure out what amount of blood she needed and at what times she needed to drink it so that she stayed strong but didn't go over board and kill a human she was with. It took years of discipline but it helped her handle drinking live. She wasn't a killer anymore. Jiyong drank excessively to the point he became scary. She looked to Seunghyun for protection and he always did protect her but there were things that Jiyong said to her. Seunghyun wouldn't understand because she knew nothing was more important to Vampires than the connection of a maker and their progeny. Renouncing Seunghyun as her maker was the most painful thing to ever do but it did not erase her loyalty to him it just broke a connection. It just meant that he had no authority over her... Four hundred years ago she was married and she had three boys that she was taking care of when she came across Seunghyun. Her and her husband met Jiyong and Seunghyun at a corner pub. Siobhan never truly had deep emotions for her husband, it was an arranged marriage something done frequently at the time. Her sons were the loves of her life. Her husband took her out on the town with him, he was going to meet a client of his and Siobhan was meant to look good on his arm. Seunghyun saw Siobhan and gave her a smile but there was no hiding her infatuation with him. They did business with her husband and for a few nights Seunghyun visited Siobhan while her husband was at work. Jiyong had warned him against it but Seunghyun didn't listen. One day while her children were out at school he visited her and they slept together. While he laid in bed beside her, he asked her, "Are you not satisfied with the man you married?" She chuckled softly, "I should think not if I'm entertaining another suitor while he's away, one whom he's done business with." "Would you like freedom?" She giggled as his body came over hers. He dipped his head down to kiss by her neck, "Answer me my lady. Do you wish. Freedom?" He said when he kissed her neck. "Yes good sir. I wish to be free from my husband and this miserable town." She giggled. He looked into her eyes and told her, "Then you have to trust me." He whispered. She saw his eyes for one moment but never saw his fangs pop out. He bit down on her neck and the piercing pain drew fear in her. She pushed on his chest but he pinned her wrists down and drank from her until she felt weak and passed out. When she woke up, the world was different, more vibrant, more alive. She could hear and smell in a way she never had before. She ran outside to look at the world but she was in a bit of a haze; she only remembered being with Seunghyun. When she walked out, she saw Seunghyun standing there with her husband. "What's going on?" she asked. "You are coming with me Rachael." Seunghyun said. She had gone by a different name at that time. "Tell him he's insane Rachael. You are my wife." her husband said. "Seunghyun what's going on?" "I'm giving you freedom. You can tell him, you're mine now." he said. "Freedom from one man to go to another?" "What you are now Rachael, you can not stay. Or the people you care about will die." He warned. "And who would kill them? You?" She said scared. "No.... But you will." She only just now noticed the sound of her husband's heartbeat. The magnificent sound of blood rushing through veins. He quickly let go of her husband and grabbed Siobhan as she started to move towards him. She was amazed by his speed and what she could hear. "What am I?" she asked. "You are my progeny. A Vampire. The most important thing you must understand is that I will never allow anything to happen to you. You are free." He said. She looked to her husband. "What of him and my sons? I can not leave them. It's not right." "You must for their sake and your sanity. You may be able to do it better than me. It's called compelling. Look into your husband's eyes tell him why you must go." Seunghyun had told her. She looked to him unsure and then walked over to her husband. Seunghyun stayed close by and she looked into her husband's eyes. It took a moment but it was as though a siren sang to him and put him in a daze. "I left you for another man. When the boys ask what happened, you will tell them I had to go. Tell them I loved them so I had to leave to save them. You will take care of those boys, they're your world. Make them strong, help them choose good wives, raise them with values. Protect our children. Know that I loved them with all my heart." She looked to Seunghyun and Seunghyun nodded, "Step away that's all, he'll walk in the house and everything you've told him will now be truth to him. You left him for another man but you adored your children." Siobhan had stood up and walked away and watched her husband move in a zombie like state to go in the house. She felt her heart break knowing she'd never see her sons again but she soon learned that was for the best. It was only an hour later she had met Jiyong and his other sons and she had feasted with the family at Jiyong orders, killing men and drinking them dry for the wrong they had done him in business. She had never feared Seunghyun and in fact she had taken to being a Vampire quiet well. They had grown closer than before; however, a shred of humanity existed in her. She had seen the worst it could get and made sure she never found out if she could get darker than that. Seunghyun followed her decision but he was always torn between her and Jiyong. She was his progeny but he was Jiyong's..... Siobhan had sliced through one of the Vampires that was her brother now. She felt guilty for having to do so. She had Seunghyun starting to lead her to find them. She had killed ten of them by now. How many more were there to go? She wiped her forehead of the blood that sprayed onto her face before they turned to dust. She looked back at Seunghyun, "Do you even care what happens to them?" She had tears in her eyes. "No." He said looking back into her eyes. "Do you care at all what happens to your children? After four hundred years of reminding me how strong the bond of a maker and their progeny is, how could you do this?" "Siob." "Knowing the consequences of your actions. Knowing what I have to do to them. Is this how you chose to punish me for leaving?" She cried. Seunghyun quickly cupped her face in his hands. "My intention was not to hurt you my love, simply to fill the hole you left in me when you left." He said. Tears streamed her face, "You've put a hole in me instead." "Then I swear I will repair it. Only, stay with me this time." "Jiyong will not allow it. Your children fall by my hand because of your actions but I will die if I stay by your side and continue to choose humans over Vampires. Jiyong has said it." "What did he do to you?" "He's given me an ultimatum because you've grown to weak and it is my fault." "I am only weak without you Siobhan." He kissed her softly as she cried silently. She wrapped her arms around his neck. How good it felt to be in his arms again. Though ten years apart didn't feel so long ago, in reality it was far too long for Siobhan to be out of his arms. He kissed her deeper as his chest pressed against her own, he pulled her body in closer to him. His hands outlined her figure as she let out soft moans. She pushed him up softly, "I am to leave after the others have been culled we can no longer stay this way Seunghyun." "You are my progeny you will stay with me, never leave me again." He kissed her. His hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to pull it over her head, despite being in a back ally, he had full intentions of satisfying his appetite for her right now.... 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