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The Most WTF Group Names/ Stage Names in Kpop

I really appreciate Kpop marketing plans most of the time but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

Here's a taste:

Pre-Debut Potential Names:
Sistar - Diridiri Daradara Duruduru Bop
Gfriend - Hug Hug
BTS - Big Kids
B2ST - Gold Silver Bronze Bald Eagle
VIXX - Bluefish
Infinite - Blackberry
Jungkook - Seagull
Jimin - Baby G
Ravi - Puki
Mamamoo- Bellybutton
and more!

Crazy Acronyms:
NU’EST - NU Establish Style and Tempo
Teen Top - Teenage Emoboy Emotion Next generation Talent Object Praise
MBLAQ - Music boys live in absolute quality
g.o.d - Groove Overdose
HOT - High-five of Teenagers
and more!

Which is your favorite sort-of-wacky Kpop name?!

Sistar's potential group name could NOT have been real 😂😭 omg imagine if we had to say that every time we mention them
and let not forget before v he was almost named rex
@SimplyAwkward omg no i could never call him that hahahha
there was a kid i grew up with named rex and he was a MESS hahaha
"Im Big Kid's Baby G"
But now we have WEKI MEKI...... like what were they thinking. Gosh Fantagio, if you can think of Astro, you could've thought of a better name for I-teen girls.
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