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Heyo beautiful ARMYs!!! ♡

As most of us know, Vingle got rid of mods. But the Bangtan's ARMY Team and I will still be continuing to do our weekly themed cards!
This week's theme is free for all so please enjoy my personal favorite Min Yoongi Stage outfits!!!
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i'm attack by the owner of tongue tech master
Yoongi is so beautiful to me😍I don't understand why people just can't see the beauty I see
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just every once in a while (all the time) I just kinda sit back and appreciate the beauty that is BTS I'm so lucky to have discovered them😍
His smile makes me feel a certain way. ;-;
Saaaame girl... 😳
why does he look so boyfriend in all of those fREAkInG outfits?!?! he hurts me so much!! 😭😭💖
My bias wrecker... 😣😣 BTW why did Vingle do away with mods??? Did they even explain why or just did it and expected us to simply not ask questions???
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I agree. Especially since I'm not too into fanfics. I have nothing against them but they aren't the reason I'm on Vingle either. It would have been cool for them to have combined the new way and the old way of posting. Take this card for example. It would have been much better to have the "sections" be represented by 1 picture that holds up to 10 pictures instead of having to scroll through all of the pictures to get to the last set. But I really enjoy the way you can edit now. I just hope with this new update, they will fix a lot of the issues. Or at least some so we have more activity....
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