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Author POV
Jimin opened the back door of the restaurant promtly at 10:29AM, giving himself a minute to situate his things and clock in. Hoseok and Jin were already there. They all exchanged their heys and hellos and got back to setting up the restaurant. It opened at 11AM!
"Jimin, the owner left a note for you in the office. Something about a new person coming in." Hoseok informed.
"Why were you in the office, Hoseok? Were you stealing from the safe again?" Jin joked as he squated down to get something from one of the kitchen fridges.
"Oh you know it, I'm sooo broke!" He laughed back. No one that worked at SushiBang was broke, and no one was rich either. Jimin slid the curtian back to the make-shift office in their tiny restaurant.
"Mister Jimin, I hired a new employee as a server along with you. Sales have been going up and you all need an extra hand. I'm so glad the 6 of you already working have built such a great team together. They should be coming in at 10:45 today. Please treat this new employee great!
SushiBang had tried hiring new employees quite a few times, but they never lasted. They were always too prideful, too stubborn, or too dirty. Jimin had trained so many people, he could write a book on how to work at SushiBang. The minutes rolled on by as Jimin refilled the beer fridge, as Jin set up the raw fish in the sushi bar, and as Hoseok set up the poultry in the kitchen.
*knock knock*
"It must be the new dude!" Hoseok chereed when he heared the knocking.
"Hopefully this guy can actually do his work..." Jin called from the sushibar.
"I'll let the man in guys!" Jimin said, almost cutting his finger on the knife he was using to cut the lemons.
Jin peeked out of the sushi bar and Hoseok stood behind Jimin as he opened the door.

Thir faces dropped annd they were stunned to see a long haired haird human being with breasts.
"You're the new hire???" Hoseok gasped. He looked at Jimin who returned his shocked expression.
"Yes?" She said. "Is there something wrong? The person told me to wear jeans and a black V-neck until they ordered me a SushiBang shirt... " She said, the worry burning in her eyes.
"No you're fine, our boss just never hired a girl before. " Jimin answered. They ushered her inside. Hoseok went back to his station prepping . Jimin introduced himself as the only server at SushiBang, and how it can get crazy with so many customers sometimes. He showed her how he restocked the beer fridge and the soda fridge. He showeed her how they set up the tables.
"Wow, just nine tables?" She said.
"Sushi bar only has 8 chairs, and we only have one unisex bathroom... we're kinda a small place." Jimin explained.
"Awww, I like it, it's cozy. Especially the simple fish decorations." She said.
"She's so cute" Jimin thought to himself as she examined the the restaurant. He quickly snapped out of it, he couldnt be having another workplace drama. Time passed as he trained her on opening dudties, and just like that it was 11AM. Customers were at the door the second Jimin unlocked it. Before he could even greet them, the girl already had.
"Hi! How are you guys?" She called from the portal where they entered orders. The customers smiled and said they were good.
"Awesome, just you three?" They nodded. "You guys can sit anywhere you'd like!" She said, grabbing three menus and handing one to each person. "What can I get for you guys to drink? We have soda, tea, lemonade, water, and some summer drink specials there on the board." She offered. Jimin backed away and watched.. he didnt have to teach her anything about customer service.
"I'll just get a water." One said. She smiled and nodded
"Can I get a Dr. Pepper?"
"Absolutely!" She said. "And what can I get for you?" She ased the final customer.
"Is that Strawberry Lemonade you have on the board more sour or sweet?" He asked.
"Actually I'm not sure, it's only my first day." She said. "I'll ask my coworke-" She was cut off
"It's made to order, we can do it both ways. How would you like it?" Jimin said.
"I'd definitely like it more sweet, thank you." The cstomer said. As Jimin and the new girl walked away, they could hear the customers talking.
" Could you tell it was her first day? I couldnt..."

Jimins POV
I was surprised at how good of a worker she was, she smiled and served the customers well, got the drinks quickly, and wasnt scared to ask me questions. Even more surprising, however, was that she didn't have a fake personality with the customers. Her smile was glued on her face in the kitchen too. I jumped a bit when she suddenly turned the corner into the kitchen and zoomed by me with her hands full of dirty plates.
"Jimin where do I put the dirty plates? Just here by the sink?" She asked.
"Stupid girl can't even figure out that dirty plates go in a sink..." I heared Yoongi, the owners nephew, mumble as he stepped out of the office. This restaurant was so small that everyone can hear anything going on. "Where do you think they go? The microwave?" Put them in the sink." He said to her. Yoongi was always blunt, but I was shocked at how rude he was to the new girl on her first day. The girl stood wide eyed for a couple seconds before responding.
"Sorry, every place does things differently, just making sure!" She said and smiled, walking away at that. She dealt with that well....
"Irasshaimase!" I heared Jin, the sushi chef, say. He works behind the sushi bar, outside of the main kitchen area in the front.
"Thats a Japanese welcome, it means theres a customer." I told her. I hustled outside to seat them but the manager and business partner Namjoon had beat me to it. He smiled and nodded to the customers at the table and walked to me.
"They want an iced green Tea and a sprite easy ice." He informed me.
"Sure thing!" I responded to my boss and friend.
"Hey, make her get it. She needs to learn how to make an iced tea."
"Yeah youre right." I said and went back to the kitchen to see her chatting with the dishwasher, Taehyung. He must have just came in, as it was my first time seeing him all day.

"Wow!" He expressed. "They actually hired a girl?!"
"Think of me as one of the boys." She joked. He squinted at her.
"You're not one of the boys unless we can all spank eachother. Thats what we do here." He said, obviously wanting a reaction.
"If you spank me, I reserve the right to spank you in the face with my knuckles, deal?" She responded.
"Tae shut up." Yoongi said. "Get back to work, girl." Yoongi harshly ordered. I taught her how to do an iced green tea and she she got the sprite easy ice fine by herself. She carefully balanced the tray on her hand and stepped out to the customers.
"She's cute!" Taehyung mouthed at me. I raised my eyebrows and winked at him in responce. Namjoon walked in and stood next to me.
"Dang... she's a good worker AND she's attractive." He said, crossing his arms. I clenched my fist and bit my tongue.... because I liked her too.

Yoongi's POV
Everything at SushiBang was so smooth, so perfectly placed. We all got along great, communicated well, and knew eachother. We all even hung out after work all the time. But now, my uncle decided to hire some girl to work here.
Girls are stupid. They need help with everything, are slow, and talk way to dang much. We had a good guy time here at work joking and spanking each other all the time, but now it's going to be all weird and messed up. Women act nice to your face, but behind those pretty faces is only manipuation.
I dont give a crap, I'm going to be 100% raw with her. She's a sensitive little girl, she'll quit crying and never show her face here again. Angry, I looked at the laptop and evaluated our luch sales. I was expecting nothing out of the ordinary. We sold over 10 of our Summer drink specials today, we never sell that much!
"Namjoon!" I called out.
"Yo" He said, sliding the curtian to see me.
"Why did we sell so many Summer drinks specials today?" I asked curiously.
"Well that new chic keeps recomending them to the customers. She makes them sound really appetizing. And when she takes them out, she puts them on the tray instead of holding them with her hands, so it looks more presentable to the customers." Namjoon explained. Ahh, so she's recomending them to the customers.
"She wants their tabs to be higher so they'll have to tip her more." I said.
"What she doesnt know is that she's keeping zero of the tip, it's all going to Jimin today, she's training. Lets see if she keeps recommending them after she finds out. Call her in here, bro." He said.
Namjoon and I have an interesting relationship, we are both bosses here but differently. We arent equals, but neither of us are higher than the other. We fight, even fist fight, but we are always fine the next day. I have a temper and I'm stubburn, but he's always mister know-it-all, trying to convince us all of something. Neither of us hold a grudge.
"Yes sir?" I heared her say.
"Hey, you know you're training today, so you're not getting any tip."
"Figured as much. Anything else sir?" She asked me, trying to sound all respectful. She's going to have to do way more than call me sir...
"Have you memorized which raw fish is what yet? And have you swept the dining area after the lunch rush? We need to be very clean, this isnt some McDonalds crap you worked at before." I said.
"Yes sir of course, cleanliness is very important. One roach or one peice of dust could get us a 1 star review online." She said. She's trying to sound all smart and witty, trying to impress me.
"If you know it then do it." I told her.

Taehyung's POV

I'm so excited theres finally a girl working here, It's been a sausage fest here for way too long. Honestly, this place needs a womans touch. I already liked the new girl, she's funny and can take a joke. Yoongi hyung is going to have to get over himself. He's always hated women, he's only nice to them for 2 reasons: They are a customer, or if he wants a certian something from them. I don't know what exactly happened to him to cause this, but I know his mom is somewhat a trouble in his life.
It must have been busy today for dinner, I was getting bucket after bucket of dirty dishes, my shift flew by like that. It's already our staff dinner time, Hoseok cooked up something good for us all to eat and Jin made us some sushi rolls. We only eat after we are closed and all the customers are gone. I hung up my apron and walked around the dishwashing area, through the kitchen, and into the dining area where everyone was starting to sit down. I pulled up a seventh chair next to mine for her to sit at.
"Wow, do you guys eat a big meal like this often?" The new girl asked.
"Yes we do, we all eat dinner every day together as staff." Jin answered. As everyone started scooping food and sushi onto their plates, I stood up and tapped the side of my glass
"Ahem everyone!" Everyone paused and looked at me to hear whatever outlandish thing they knew I was going to say. "We need to introduce ourselves, and the new girl needs to introduce herself as well. Let's go in age order." I said. Everyone groaned and mumbled, but to my surprise, Jin actually stood up and began to introduce himself. I sat to listen.

"Hello, my name is Seokjin, but everyone calls me Jin. Don't let any of these guys fool you, they are not the real bosses. I'm the sushi chef of this restuarant, I'm the real boss. It's my dashingly good looks that bring us in half the customers anyways." He said, causing everyone to burst out laughing, himself included. He was not insecure, thats for sure.
"Yoongi your turn!" I said.
"Heck no." He responded.
"Min Yoongi, stand your butt and introduce yourself." Jin ordered. He rolled his eyes and reluctantly stood up.
"Min Yoongi. My uncle owns the place but never comes by. I do a lot of the financial things and help out where we need it." He said and sat down.
"Yeah, when he's not in the office sleeping..." Hoseok said. Yoongi shot him a glare, which Hoseok avoided by looking away and standing up.
"Hi!!!! I'm Hoseok, I make all that delicious hot food that the customers loooove. I like to dance and hug people a lot too. We are going to be best friends!" My hyung said. We all love him so much, when we're all stressed out, he has a good attitiude and infuences us to be happier. He and the new girl seemed to be similar. They'll either get married or hate eachother, I'm already calling it....
"Alright, I'm your man Namjoon. I also go by Rap monster. I manage everything here and I partly own the restaurant too. I basically deal with the major issues, get the inventory and supplies, ensure the customers and staff are all happy. I want this restaurant to be a great way for us all to be happy working while still making enough money. If you ever have a question, ask me." He said, then sat down. Very Namjoon-ish of him.
"You already know me, I'm Jimin. I'm a server. I've been working here since we opened. I'm not going to say it's my looks, but customers do come in to see me." Jimin said sweetly. I finally stood up and introduced myself.
"I'm Kim Taehyung. I wash the dishes and clean here and there. I may seem weird sometimes, but I'm secretly really cool. Ive been here a few months now . Without my clean dishes, this place would crumble." I sat down.
"Whatever, V" Namjoon said.
"Okay introduce yourself!" I said to the girl, none of us knew her name still. She carefully stood up and opened her mouth to speak.
"Hello, my name is Chrissy. I've worked at a couple other restaurants before and I love serving as a waitress. I hope to be a great worker for you guys and make business better. It's only my first day, but I can gaurentee that in a couple weeks, it will be MY good looks bringing in customers, not Jin's. " She said, sticking out her tongue at him. Everyone laughed again. So her name was Chrissy.... it matched her.

Hoseoks POV

The rest of the meal was pleasant as we ate and chit chatted with one another, however I couldnt help notice that Yoongi went out of his way to ignore Chrissy. I felt bad for her, but I felt bad for Yoongi too.

I picked up the dirty places as we all went home one by one and was surprised when Chrissy stayed after to help me run them through the dishwasher machine. She was off the clock, it was unnecessary, but still a kind thing for her to do. She grabbed her things and headed out the door, followed by me.

"Where's your ride?" I asked.
"Don't have one, thats why I'm working. " She said. I was worried about her, is she walking home alone in the dark?
"How are you getting home?" I asked her.
"Ugh, I hate that place. Home." She responded.
"Oh I'm sorry. You can just live on the street then, haha" I joked.
"Sounds better than living with my family." She said, half joking.
"Do you hate your family or something?" I asked her.
"I love them but I hate them. They don't understand me and never care how I feel. They have a different mindset, I'm the youngest. Whatever I say is meaningless there." She said honestly.
"Awww, I'm so sorry. Family is either the best thing or worst thing. I'm lucky to have a good family." I said. Chrissy's face was turning read and she looked down,hiding it from me.
"What is it?" I asked her
"I just really dont want to go home. I'm just too exasporated by mom whose always angry at everything and my dad who doesnt care and my brother whose the king of the house. They bought him a car but wont even help me with one." She said, on the verge of tears.
"I'm so sorry." I said, feeling bad for her even more.
"Nono, I'm sorry, I've just been having a stressful week. I'm fine!" She assured me, sniffling. I barely even knew her but I already wanted to hug her tighly and comfort her until she was okay. She wiped her tears away, just to form more. I couldn't resist the matter any longer and asked her if she needed a hug.
"What?" She asked, trying to process what I just said.
"I'll take that as a yes." I said, immediately wrapping her in my arms, resting my head on her. I rubbed her back with my hand as I embraced her.
"Hoseok I said I was fine!!" She said, but not pushing me away. A couple seconds passed before she slowly but her arms around me too. Her grip was loose, but got tighter as time passed. She sniffled heavily and I felt the wet spot where her tears bled through my shirt into my skin.
"Aww, it's going to be okay, dont worry. Awwww~" I hummed to her.
"I barely even know you but thank you." She cried. "I can't believe I'm crying the first day you even met me." She added.
"It's okay don't worry Chrissy." I assured her. My heart felt warmer as I had her in my arms. I moved a strand of messy frizzy hair from her face. She lifted her head from my body and looked at me square in the eyes. It felt like she was a magnet and I was a hopeless metal paperclip attatched to her as I slowly gravitated my head to hers. I wanted to so bad. I wanted to finish it off, it just felt so right. I got closer and closer to her lips, but there was a burning feeling that stopped me.
Not yet.
I smiled and pulled her in closer, her head sliding to the side resting on my collarbone.
"You're a strong woman, Chrissy." I said to her.
"Hoseok you're such a sweetheart" She sniffled.
"I hope I gave you some hope." I said. Her situation really sucked.
"You really did, I should call you Hope-Seok." She stated, still not letting go of me. I chuckled.
"That sounds like someones chocking!" I laughed
"Wait, whats your last name?" She asked.
"Jung Hope!" She said.
"That sounds like a fungus!"
"I know... J-hope!" When she said that, it sent a ringing through my ears, a good ringing. I liked that.
"I like that!" I said, finally pulling out of the hug and grapping her shoulders.
"Okay." She said. "From now on you're J-hope." She said.


Well that was chapter One/Uno/Yi/Hana!!!

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