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Hello INSPIRITS and Vingle Fam-

Yesterday, our sweet Nam Woohyun was wrongly implicated in a sexual assault due to media carelessness.

The details:

Police in Gangnam received a report from an unnamed female who reported being raped by three men. One of the three men was described as a member of a popular idol group. During the news reporting of the assault, media outlets identified the alleged idol only as "A".

Naturally, Korean media was in a buzz and many netizines were speculating on the identity of "A".

When mydaily used a photo of INFINITE's Nam Woohyun in their article, rumors were buzzing that Woohyun was the idol involved in the sexual assault.

After realizing the mistake, mydaily issued an apology on their website, stating their reporter used a photo from a group that debuted in 2010 as "A", the idol in question, is rumored to be in a group that debuted in 2010.

Unfortunately an apology was not enough as Woohyun's name has already been dragged though the mud, with many rumors about his involvement still circulating. What's worse is that Woollim has yet to make a statement on the matter.

Following the rumors of Woohyun's involvement, the assault victim told police that the idol related to her assault is actually innocent and was not involved in her attack. She cleared "A" of all charges and investigators have said no investigation into "A" 's possible involvement will take place and no charges against him will be filed.

The real identity of "A" has not been revealed.

I would also like to say that I hope the woman who was raped is receiving care and couselling and will be able to overcome this terrible violation and injustice that has been done to her. Hopefully now that the "celebrity" aspect of this case has been "resolved" the police will be able to find the perpetrators of this crime and fully bring them to justice.





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Omg this is so stupid I saw yesterday on my twitter a lot of post about Woohyun I couldn't find anything related to it until this card thank you. But stupid reporters I'm so heated right now how can they be so careless like that they dragged him down for no reason an apology whont be enough I hope Woolim entertainment takes charges against that reporter or agency I hope this doesn't effect the whole group omg I want to bitch slap 👋 that person so hard no correction punch 🤛 poor baby Woohyun lets show him lots of love through his accounts 😘😘😘💕💕💕
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Yes so true they are all so SWEET and PURE they never get mentioned in any scandals which I'm so glad but because of this 😑 I just can't poor baby dumb media seriously if they don't know how to do there job then they should get fired and get another career
OH MY GOD!!😲 Seriously what is wrong with people!!!!😲😲
It is awful what happened and the reporter that used the photo should.be held responsible. An apology is not enough.
Woohyun has a million ladies who would want it from him he don't gotta rape no one. I feel bad for this girl, I think she did this on purpose because it's the only way her case would get investigated the way it properly needed to be. We all know how bad/sexist the government's can be.