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Hey guys! I'm so happy I can still mod for my boys even though it's just an unofficial mod! So let me introduce the team that will be bringing you our boys!

Bang Yongguk and Zelo
@yehetmyohorat97 is returning on the team! She'll bring them to you every Sunday!

Yoo Youngjae and Moon Jongup
@Halsyeon is staying on with these nerds! She'll bring them to you every Monday, just like last quarter!

Kim Himchan and Jung Daehyun
I'll be bringing them both to you every Tuesday!!

If you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let us know below!

Baby taglist:
please add me to the taglist
6 months ago·Reply
Sure thing
6 months ago
omggg oppa and dae. my loves
6 months ago·Reply
Please add me to the tag list!
6 months ago·Reply