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Army's speculate that something is happening on Aug 16th 2017. Check this video out below.

So after watching this i am getting excited for August. Although I went to naver to translate and see how it came didn't do as those in the video said. I got 'After 2017' sooo..... I don't know all I know for sure is they are having a comeback withing then next 6months (including July in here)

So I went back on Naver and translated it using '2017 BEYOND THE SCENE' then did it translate it to Aug 16th. Now I don't understand how changing it to caps changed the translation but...Idk what do yall think?

oh and if we all remember last year Augst D aka Sugas mix tape was released. what date was that??? oh yeah August 16th 2016....soooo I'm starting to think this year it'll be Hoseok to drop his mix tape....heck I'm still waiting for something to happen Augst 3/4....we got another month to see what comes of these theories.


bighit, back at it again with the shady clues and confusion
I just tried it. it didn't work...but i firgured it out. First, i did "2017 Beyond the Scene" and it gave me something else. But if you capitalized all the letters "2017 BEYOND THE SCENE" It will come out as Aug 16 2017.
yeah I did that just now and saw the translation I don't get how it changed just cut of caps