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Scarlet University Chapters 5

*Taehyung Perspective*

"What kind of favor?" I asked as I stared back at the two while feeling very uneasy about the situation I'm in. "Well this favor involves not just us but our good friend Hoseok hyung" just right after Namjoon said that. The devil himself appeared right beside them. "What going on here?" Hoseok asked with curiosity as he stares into my soul. I started to get nervous by his presence and I just wanted to run away from here. "Well since he is here I might as well call that favor now" Namjoon said as he stares at Hoseok then at me. I looked at Hoseok to see that He had the same devilish grin on his face.

"You see I owe my friend Hoseok hyung here some money and seeing as I'm currently using that money right now I thought you can help me with that" He said with that devilish grin. "How much?" I asked staring at the three of them. They laughed at me and they stared back at me "oh no you see its not actually money we are talking about kid" Yoongi said looking at me as if I was stupid. "Then what is it?" I asked uncertain about all of this. "You see when we say money we actually me blood" Hoseok said as he stares into my soul again.

"B-Blood?" I said as I hold my hand to my neck scared of what's happening. "Yes, Namjoon took a lot of my blood bags and because of that I'm quite low on them" Hoseok said. "So you just want me to donate blood?" I said nervously and I look around to see if anyone can help me But sadly the hallways were empty. "Yup and I think I would like some of your blood right now" Hoseok said as he starts to approach me. I panic and tried to run away but I got slammed into the lockers. "Easy now Hoseok you don't want to kill the kid just yet" Yoongi said as he watched what was happening. "Don't run next time or I will make it painful" Hoseok said as his eyes turn red and looked at me as if I was food.

I couldn't do anything but cry right now. Hoseok stared at me then smiled evilly at me as he leaned close to my ear. "Seeing you look so pitiful is such a turn on" he said as he moved my head to exposed my neck. He licked my neck then sunk his fangs into it and i cried out from the pain. my breathing got heavy as more tears steamed down my face. But for some reason the pain went away and I stared to feel weird sensation running through my body. It felt so good and next thing I know I let out a moan which not only me but the others were caught by surpise and by the time I realize what I did. Hoseok stop drinking my blood and move his face in front of mine. His eyes were starring at me with lust and I was about to panic as he smashed his lips against mine. I couldn't do anything but submit to him.

I liked they way he kissed me, wait what no i'm not supposed to like it! Not at all but it felt so good. He was about to deepened the kiss but a shout came from down the hallway. Hoseok ended the kiss and glared at the person who interrupted him. I really couldn't see anything because of my tears. "Leave him alone" is what I heard and knew it was Jungkook. I was happy that he came to help me but my vision stared going away and I passed out.

*Third Person Perspective*

"Where could he be?" Jungkook said with annoyed yet worried tone. "Kookie!" Jimin called out as he ran towards Jungkook. "he wasn't in the Filming or Culinary Arts buildings" Jimin said really worried. "He wasn't in the Dancing or Singing buildings either Baekhyun said as he appeared out of nowhere. "And he's not in literature or the mathematics building as well" Chanyeol said as he did the same thing Baekhyun did. "The only place we haven't checked is the Music Production building" Jungkook said hoping Taehyung wasn't in that building. All the boys headed towards the Music Production with uneasy feelings.

Jungkook open the door and the rest followed as they headed inside. As they walk around to look for Taehyung, They noticed the hallways are empty and everything was too quiet for any of their likings. They were about to turn the corner and walk down the hallway, But they stopped as they heard voices coming from around the corner so they all peeked to see who the voices belonged to. What they saw made their hearts break and Jungkook was so angry That he ran at them. "Leave him alone" he shouted. Which caught all their attention except for the one holding Taehyung against the lockers.

"Its the emo kid" Yoongi said as he watched Jungkook running towards them. "Hoseok you dranked too much the kid passed out" Namjoon said as he stares at Taehyung. "I couldn't help it his blood taste so good" Hoseok said as he licked his lips. "you bastards!" Jungkook said as he ran up to Hoseok and punched him. Hoseok teleported at the last sec and Taehyung dropped to the floor. "Well see ya later kids" Yoongi said as all of them teleported away. Jungkook went to Taehyung "hyung!" Jungkook called to him as he shook him.

The other boys ran over to them "oh no he bit him kookie" Jimin said as he started crying as he stared at Taehyung. "Its okay Jimin he only dranked his blood so Taehyung is not going to turn into a vampire" Baekhyun said as he looked at the bite marks on Taehyung's neck. "come on lets Bring him to our place" Jungkook said as he was about to pick up Taehyung but Jimin screamed and pointed to Taehyung's neck. They All look at where Jimin pointed and all their hearts broke even more. As they watch the bite marks turned into a tattoo mark on Taehyung's neck. They all stood in silence and couldn't believe that their sweet and precious friend got marked by the world’s most ruthlessly vampire that ever lived. Jungkook was more then angry as he picked up Taehyung.

They arrived at Jungkook and Jimin's place. They get out of the car and Baekhyun carries Taehyung out of the car and into the house. "How are we going to explain this to Taehyung when he wakes up" Baekhyun said as he places Taehyung on the couch. "I don't know" Jungkook said as he stares at Taehyung and everyone else did too. Taehyung moved a bit in his sleep but showed no signs of waking up yet. "This is bad, if Taehyung is mark by Hoseok then..." Chanyeol said but trailed off as he looked at Taehyung worriedly. "T-Then what?" Jimin asked concerned for his friend.

"Then Taehyung is either Hoseok mate or just a toy to him" Baekhyun said. "Why?" Jungkook asked a bit confused on this vampire marking thing. "When a Vampire marks somebody it shows that they belong to them" Chanyeol said as he pointed to Baekhyun's neck which had a tattoo mark. "So... He’s just toying with Taehyung" Jungkook said with anger. "That or he could be his mate" Baekhyun said as he looked at Taehyung who is still asleep. The room went silent as they stared at their friend worried about  what’s going to happened to him now since he has been marked.

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Well....I don't know what to say except really good chapter as always. Can't wait for what's next!
good job babe , it's really good
poor Taetae
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