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Monsta X tour News!

Monsta X is coming to the U.S soon!!!

This is exciting News!
big deal!!!
Sad Deal!!!
While yes they are coming one member is staying behind due to health reason's
Hyungwon injured his knee and had to go to the hospital to get it checked out, he didn't get cleared to go on tour so he Wont be joining the boys on tour . . . , at least so far . . .
I really wish I could go to their concert now crying ***

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@SweetDuella I'll take pictures!
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@kitkatkpop lol little does she know. . . lol. I'll be looming forward to your experience along side you lol 😆
4 months ago
aww I hope he gets better. and I'm going to the concert in Dallas
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I added you
4 months ago
I would hope even if he couldn't perform he would still come on the tour.
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ohmygod they are going to be in Atlanta the day before my birthday? T^T I can't goooo
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@JaxomB You have one dedicated friend there lol. I hope you and your girls have fun at the concert!
4 months ago