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Hello my fellow Topp Klass! We wil be doing Topp Klass of the week again this quarter. We had so much fun with it last quarter! But this quarter will be doing things a little different. We will be choosing a Topp Klass of the Week for whomever does the most clips, likes and comments. The winner each week will get to choose a prize spam of their member, a one shot of their member, a collage of their member or wallpaper of your choice! The event will begin this Sunday, so look for our cards each day and clip, like and comment.
Oh, I forgot the most important thing of all. The person who is chosen will be put in a drawing for a special surprise at the end of the quarter and trust me it will be really Klassy! Until next time, stay Klassy!

Topp Klass Mod Squad

❦ Topp Klass Bebes ❦

Real klassy, that's so cute!!
Thank you!
So exciting! πŸ˜†
Yes it will be!
"real Klassy" I like that πŸ˜‚
Thank you!