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So I have a few good news!! so I wanted to share it with you guys!

I got my macbook pro back! and I can start doing more fun cards for you all!
My macbook pro is only used for school work and me doing my vingle cards and no playing games, I have a different laptop for it.....I use a macbook pro more than a HP, DELL well PC computers is because most of my classes are mainly in Mac rooms, and Mac computers are user friendly with Graphic Designers which is what i'm going for!

Second part!
I made Deans Honor Roll! To be honest I thought I'd get all A's but thats still good...But honestly guys don't be like me and wait for the last minute to do ALL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS . Your work will pay off!

Ok so this part is what you are all waiting for!

Who's that Pokemon!

do not be depress but.... I have news about my Who's that Pokemon cards.....This may not be hard to take in but....

Ha did I get you!

Don't worry i'm not going to quit doing my cards, but you guys will have to wait a while before I can start making them again due to classes starting next week, and i need to know how things will be for classes.

Thank you all for your patience and i can't wait to start making more cards again!

Pokémon Tag Crew!

Please let me knowif you'd like toadded or removed. Thank You
{N} - @Nueoc @Nyan
{P} - @petname83
{V} -
{W} -
{Do Not Copy Tag List}
welcome back! :3
wooooooo welcome back
woohoo! welcome back!
Thank you!
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