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Hello fellow Elves! I bring you day 3 of Heechul Birthday Bash. So, today is a poem. I really have a hard time with these, but I will try since it is for my wonderful Heechul's birthday. Here I go.....

Heechul, you make me laugh
And it makes me want to join your staff.
Your smile is so bright,
That it is hard for me to sleep at night.
Your birthday will be soon,
That is only after two more moons.
I hope you have a grand time,
And I hope to meet you some time.
Until that day comes,
I will sit here and hum.
Happy birthday Heechul!

Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it. But here is some spam to help!
Happy birthday Heechul!! Have a great one!

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Great Poem 😊
Thank you!