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[Video |] Cheongdamdong 111]] Highlights from Press Conference ~ JH, JS and YH ~ [*] Jung Shin consenting to Yong Hwa XD highlights videos of the press conference... Jung Shin and Yong Hwa proved so much love XD ❤ jajajjajajaj. ❤ Minutes 03:28-04:12 JH: I'm hungry. JS: Order something. YH: I'm hungry. JS: what I do for you? (soybean paste) JH: JS ~ you have chungryang pepper? JS: The hare. JH: Please put much into it! JS: who are you to ask? YH: your have chungryang pepper? JS: Yes, the hare, Lord! YH: Please put much into it! JS: I'm doing, right now! JH: I have to work harder... I am ignored by a dongsaeng as well... YH: JS, thanks for doing this. It is so good! JS: While your're doing drama, if I'm at home, I will cook for you. Can JH: do you not you cook for me when I'm at home? JS: I cook for you ~