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2013.11.18 FTISLAND 5TH MINI ALBUM [THE MOOD] FTISLAND comes back with the 5th mini album [THE MOOD] on November 18. [THE MOOD] includes 4 songs, title song "Madly" and 3 self-written songs. The title song "Madly" already has excited fans and said to be a great ballad song for this fall. '가질 수 없는 너 : Paralyzer,' 'The Way Into You,' and 'Siren' was written respectably by Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin, and Lee Honggi. Ever since their debut in 2007, FTISLAND has released mega hits like 'Love Sick,' 'Thunder,' 'Till Your Return,' 'After Love,' 'Bad Woman,' 'I Hope,' and 'Severely,' and they are widely loved. Last September, FTISLAND had the 6th anniversary concerts in Seoul, and successfully toured 6 cities in Japan holding 10 concerts under the Zepp tour title REPLAY. Title song 'Madly' is a modern rock ballad that has acoustic sound and arranged string instruments. It talks about a broken heart of a guy who desperately misses the past lover. Lee Honggi's vocal expresses emotions melted in the song and the repeated verse "I madly miss you only," "I miss you like crazy" will not leave your head.