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Welcome to SF9 Wednesday! My name is Suki and I am a unoffical mod support for SF9! I will be bring you these awesome boys on Wednesday! I hope that you will join me and the other Fantasies and show some love to the boys!
Now a little about me. I am a kpop, kdrama anything korean or jpop kind of girl! I love to listen to music especially k-pop. I have 4 wonderful children! And yes I am corrupting them too. LOL!!
I love to learn about new groups and I love sharing them with everyone, who will listen. This pretty much sums it up. I don't have a bias in this group yet, but I am willing to listen to option and advice who I should bias. Please comment below. Oh and if you would like to tagged also please comment below. I hope to see you soon, my fellow Fantasies!

Fantasy squad: