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Once again, Korean fans show their power by making another idol feel bad

Taemin's first solo concert in Korea OFF-SICK will be held in August and will seat 3,000 people.

Fans were, of course, furious, because his solo concert venue in Japan sat 28,000 people
Fans took their anger to twitter and tweeted
#SM_You_Apoligize and #Oppose_Taemin's_SoloConcert_InOlympicHall

Shortly after, Taemin released an apology, expressing how much he loves his fans.

“Hello, this is Taemin. First, thank you to all the fans who haven’t forgotten about me and continued to send me love despite my limited promotional activities in Korea. I really wanted to show you a concert that both you and I had dreamed of ever since I was young, in a meaningful place, but I’m very saddened that it turned out this way..” “I’m truly apologetic for making you wait, and honestly it was a really busy and difficult time, but even before I performed at Budokan, I imagined the Korean promotional activities and concerts I was going to hold and imagined our SHAWOLs being happy, so I gained my strength with butterflies in my stomach, waiting for the day my concert would start ㅎㅎ But what was meant to be a happy experience seems to have made everyone suffer because of several things..ㅠㅠ” “I’m well aware of the situation too, and we’re working hard to think of ways for everyone to relieve these emotions and also we’re working on making more opportunities for us to communicate! I’m so sorry for hurting you when we’re seeing each other for the first time in a while, but I promise I’ll try my best so that I can show you a good performance as soon as possible! Other than that, let’s communicate more often. I apologize once again for not knowing about this earlier or reacting soon enough, and hurting you in the process. I love you.” — SHINee’s Taemin
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Korean fans just don't know when to stop do they? Hopefully Taemin will still have a successful solo concert in Korea!

And depending on what else is going on, a different venue might not have been available or was way too expensive. Even here, someone put Monsta X and GDragon concerts the same night.
Honestly there is so much that happened with this and that was just one issue. kfans are not mad at taemin in anyway and SM should have issued the apology (for numerous things) not Taemin.
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I think it was just taemin trying to makeup for the Shawols being upset. He cares about us too and wants to help.
I still think it's kind of stupid to blow up on the artist or make him suffer when this seems like it wasn't even Taemin fault. Like sometimes it's their companies that do this and if the fans are going express any anger it should be towards said company. the idols isn't always to blame for this
I agree. It's not Taemin's fault