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Hey everyone sorry for the long absense, things got in the way. Anyway I am continuing to make cards for Minsu on Saturday!
So I guess a little about me...
- I like food
- I cant go a day without music
- I like the color red
- Im weird
- Im from California
- Im 15
Im honestly not that interesting and im pretty boring so yeah, thats me
I will continue to do Minsu Saturday's as well as my feature (biweekly) along with BR saturday
So basic info about Minsu:
- He was born April 15, 1993
- His birth name is Kim Min Su
- He is a rapper and a dancer
- His instagram is @ejrtjsdl12

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed~~
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You are so young..I feel so old rn. You're like a fetus. Oml...you're so young and...wow..
Haha, my age is young I guess, but physically I feel like an old lady 😅
Thank you! and you aren't boring 😊
You are far from boring!