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I'll Protect You Part 6

Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  2174 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 6

Y/N’s Pov:

 You ran out and boss was outside waiting in a squat car. You got in and he gave you your uniform. You lost the dress and were back to your regular clothes. You learned from your last battle wearing a dress.

“Here.” Boss handed you a sheet of paper. “It's from Team Younge’s Case.”

“The one handling the murders?” He nodded. “And they need me why?”

“Where lack of agents tonight and I know you'll finish this case.” We stopped. “Hey what the-”

 He was cut off by a bang causing the car to shake. Boss grabbed me and didn't let go till the bombs stopped.

“Is everyone ok?”

“Yes sir!”everyone said.

“Ok, he knows we're coming, he must have these set up for our vehicles. We’ll need to proceed on foot to avoid them.” He helped you up. “Are you ready Moon?”

4 Years ago

 Y/n started working with her dad and his partner. They were taking down y/n’s first case. His partner was in his last mission to become a boss. Y/n’s boss.

“Well Here it is. You did good y/n.” He took out his gun. “Your mom would be proud of you.” You took out your gun. “Are you ready Moon?”

Back to present

“I was born ready. Sir!” You said pulling out your gun smirking.

“Let's head out!” We took a way through the trees so he couldn't see us. The cabin had the doors open and no lights were on.

“This isn't right if he knew we were coming, so why would he hide?” One Younge’s members asked.

“Because he's wants us to think he's in there.” You looked at the dirt. “Have a bomb squad check it out. If he had bombs to knock out our truck then that house is over if it's not taking care of.”

“Great so where's the suspect?” He asked again.

“Look at these tracked and the trees are bent to take his hostage. Wherever they are they went this way.”

“Move out.” Boss said opening up the trees for his us to move in. “Good call moon.”

 You walked to what looked to be an old shed, there was a light coming the inside. You heard someone crying, and another voice cursing.

“The house bomb hasn't gone off yet you bitch stop crying!” I looked over at Younge and it was the suspect. “We knocked them out on the road!”

 He was shaking the Victim Younge motioned for me to go in first and I nodded. The one thing that made him look at you weird was when you handed boss your gun and took off your vest. You walked in and he immediately aimed his gun at you.

“Who are?! What do you want?! What are you doing here?!” He was shaking, he had killed before but from what I can see he'd never kill this young girl he took, lead alone someone in front of her.

“I'm y/n Moon. From the FBI, i'm unarmed and just wanna talk.” You looked over at the window behind him it was Younge. He was motioning to the little girl and mouthing daughter. “This your daughter?”

“Yes, and there's no way in hell you're taking her from me!” He screamed moving closer to you.

“Oh I would never, I just want to ask you a question.” He nodded. “While I was walking here, why'd you call her a bitch?”

“Because she wouldn't shut up!” He walked closer I knew if I moved he'd shoot. Younge stated to open up the window and tapped the little girl to stay quiet. I need to keep this guys eyes on me.

“If she's a bitch why would you want her?” You looked at Younge and he mouthed the words wife with an angry face making you want to facepalm. “She reminds you of your wife, you wanted a son, but had a girl and your wife left you. Didn't she?”

“You're a bitch too!” He was way too close for comfort. Younge had finally got the girl out through the window and that was my signal.

“You're right.” He backup and looked at you confused. “Even a bigger bitch than you!”

 With that I kicked the gun out of his hand and knocked him down so I could cuff him. I felt bad but that was his fault he kidnapped his own daughter after his wife took custody of her. He didn't even want a daughter because she would remind him of her, but he divorced her because he lost feelings for her and was having affairs. And he called me a bitch.

“Great work Moon. I'm glad you took this job.” You smiled. “This will most definitely count as mission.”

“Thank you sir. Woo best part of the job.”

“No thank you Y/n.” Younge came out of the shed. “You truly helped us. Uh we were wondering if you wanted to get some drinks with us tonight.”

“Sorry Younge I have my own mission tomorrow. But thank you for the offer.” He nodded and your boss took you home.

 Hyungsik and Seo Joon messaged you to make sure you were ok and to tell you nothing happens after the concert. You told them you'd be there tomorrow morning like normal.

The next day

 You walked into Big Hit and was jump hug attack by Kookie. Luckily I learned from my mistakes and didn't flip him.

“Moon-ah!” He said hugging you lifting you up slightly.

“Hey Kookie!”

“Did you go on another super secret spy mission again?” He asked leading me to the seats.

“Haha I'm not a spy, but I did have a mission.” You sat with him. “I have five more missions till I can be in charge of my team, I can't wait honestly.”

“After this mission…” he trailed off. “Will we ever see you again y/n?”

“Aww Kookie…” you grabbed his hand. “You know I can't. I will miss you guys though.”

“Yoongi hyung will miss you the most y/n-uh I mean Moon. Haha.”

“Oh yeah! Where is he anyway?” You asked standing up.

“Oh I think he's in his studio.” He leaned back. “He was really upset that you left last night.”

“Thanks kookie I'll see you later!” You waved by and ran to his studio.

 You knocked on the door and no one answered. You opened it and no one was there, his computer was off and his papers were put away. Huh?  You looked in the recording window but the lights were off. He wouldn't be in there.

 You walked into the stylist room and they were just lazing around. Some waved to me and some didn't even acknowledge you.

“Hey guys, do you know where Yoongi's at?” You asked. His stylist smiled at you.

“Haha, I think he's in the cafeteria, if not check the mail office. He usually checks every Monday but he could be there. It's Sunday so I would.”

“Thanks.” You said about to leave.

“Hey Moon?” You turned back to her. “So are you and Yoongi, like a thing?”

“Haha” you could feel your cheeks heat up. “Oh uh no.”  She gave you look like you were lying and then waved you bye and good luck.

 You ran to the cafeteria but no sign of him. Jungkook, Tae and Jimin were there though, you decided to go talk to them.

“Moon-ah!” Tae stood up and hugged you. “Where have you been?”

 You sat between him and Jimin. Once you sat there Jimin snaked his arm around your waist and Taehyung hit it off.

“Aish Yoongi hyung would kill you if he saw you do that!” You laughed.

“Speaking of, where is he?” You asked giving Jimin a small side hug.

“You check his studio?” Jimin asked. “I saw him in there earlier.”

“I did earlier but I'll check again.” You stood up. “Thanks guys!”

 You ran to his studio and the lights were on and his paper were out but he still wasn't in there. The studio light was still off though. You ran next door to Namjoo's room to see if he was in there but no luck.

“Hey Joonie.” You sat on his chair.

“Oh hey Moon Noona, what up?” He asked taking out his papers.

“I was wondering if you've seen Yoongi…” you said leaning forward.

“Haha looking for your boyfriend?” He asked turning around.

“He is not my boyfriend Namjoon.” You said crossing your arms. “Do you uh know where he's at though…”

“Haha if he's not in his studio he should be taking a break in the downstairs lounge.”he said and you jumped up.

“Thanks Joonie!” You ran, gave him a quick hug and took off.

“Haha they're perfect for each other.” Namjoon said.

 You looked everywhere and it was around lunch when you gave up. You stood there and ate till Jungkook sat down with you.

“Hey Moon, ever find Yoongi hyung?” You shook your head.

“Are you sure he's even here today, Jungkook?” You asked stuffing your face.

“Yeah” he said then stuffing his own. “He came to work with us today.”

 You sat with your head down when Jin and Jimin sat down with the two of you.

“Hey Moon.” Jin said sitting down.

“Ever find Yoongi hyung?” Jimin asked.

“I'm surprised he's not going nuts, last night without you there he looked all kinds of messed up.” Jungkook added.

“Yeah, he shouldn't be able to last much longer.” Jin said.

 Jungkook was drinking his drink when he started to choke and spit it on Jimin.

“Sorry hyung!” He coughed “Moon I just saw Yoongi run past the door.”

“Thanks kookie!” You ran after him when you heard a glass fall.

“Fuck.” Jungkook dropped his cup.

“What the frick frack tic tack patty wack snick snack quarter back Big Mac heart attack race track double back guy named jack did you just say?!” Jin said throwing water on him. You laughed and ran off to find Yoongi.

 You ran in the direction Jungkook pointed but still couldn't find him. He's probably to busy after all he has the last big concert here till a couple months. You saw him and shouted out his name, once he saw it was you he took off. What the fuck?

 You ran after him but stopped. Why is running away from me? You decided to stop chasing him and walked to the dance studio where you found Jin and Taehyung.

“Moon- Noona!” Tae got up and hugged you. “Did you find Yoongi hyung?”

“Oh uh he's really busy.” You lied, you'd talk to Yoongi tonight about this.

“Oh don't worry he’ll most likely make time for his favorite stylist.” You truly wanted to punch a wall.

“Jin hyung’s helping me with vocals so you can stay.” Tae said walked you in more. “And later Jimin and Hobi are gonna help us with choreography we need to work on.”

“Oh yeah you guys are doing a feasta thing for A.R.M.Y, right?”

“Yeah Jungkookie, Yoongi, and I are doing a special cover of “Agust D’s” song so far away to night.” Jin said giving Tae a paper.

“Oh yeah. I remember him talking about fixing it for you guys.” You said thinking. That's the first song they're performing tonight and Yoongi wanted you to listen to every lyrics. You will no matter what you will.

 Time had passed by so slow even when the boys had you rehearse with them. You actually felt empty without Yoongi. How in the world will you be when you leave…?

 You walked to the stylist room to prepare Jungkook and Yoongi wasn't there. You had finished Jungkook and Yoongi ran in late, you sat there and needed to talk to him. For the first time you were the one that needed to stare at him.

 Jungkook kept asking me if I were ok and no I wasn't, I'm pissed. One minute this guy is all over me and now he's acting like I don't even exist! Was he playing with me because of what I said on my first day. A week ago! The guys had about 10 minutes to get on stage and you had stopped Yoongi before he could leave.

“Yoongi!” You said with your voice cracking. “Why have you been ignoring me?!”

“I don't know…” you looked at him confused and you wanted to slap him. This boy was something else. He wouldn't look at you he had his head down while he spoke. Till he spoke again his eyes...he looked so angry. “Why have you been lying to me?”

 Your heart dropped and you didn't know what to do, what to say, what to show...ah fuck.

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