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Hello everyone! Long time no see! I'm so happy to announce that I have been given the opportunity to be on the unofficial mod support team for Topp Dogg! This is such a dream come true!
I will be representing Jenissi and Xero every Thursday so be sure to join me for loads of fun!
Now for a bit about me. My name is Brittany but I also go by Bri, Brit or a recently adopted name (blame a story I'm co-writing) Ae Ri. I'm 27 years old I live in Florida, since late 2013 I'm a full time pharmacy technician. I'm a mother to a kitty named Amaya. I've been into kpop since early 2010. I've been with Topp Dogg since they started releasing their debut teasers.
please tag me
We will add you☺️
And here you see, my OWN friends trying to kill me 😂😭
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Love you too, Brit 😂❤️❤️❤️
Added~ ^_^
I love your card and welcome to the team!!
Thank you!
Maybe more than a few.
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