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Do you think the Basilisk is a cute girl that petrifys everyone she talks to? "sssss-cuse me senpai, do you know where the bathroom is?" *boy turns around and freezes in terror at the sight of a bomb shell with dark violet eyes, and long dark sleek hair extending to the floor, wrapped a pony tail in a dark green ribbon. *After several seconds Basil puffs her cheeks in frustration "You boys are so mean. This is why I can only talk to Tom. He gets me" *She quickly hides her anger and walks off to find the bathroom
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must have* and forgot to tag you @FileNotSaved
Fuck Yes!!! I would so watch this if they make an anime out of this!!! I would die!!! looks pretty good and awesome to watch
It would make an epic as fuck anime series!
this actually makes me want to watch Harry potter for the first ever!
log Horizon but with wizards.
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