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Wassup guys!!!! Kim here bringing you another chapter!!! I hope your ready cause I think this may stir up some questions!!!! Anyhoo, on with the chapter!!!!
You hear your alarm blaring in your ear. Was that real or all in my head. But it felt so real. Are my dreams trying to tell me something??? That last thought had your mind racing as you pushed it to the back of your head as you got up. You looked over at your clock and saw that it was 5am. It's too early for this shit!!! Oh the things I do for my boss.

You got to your boss's summer home and saw the workers hard at work. "Aahh, y/n, I wasn't expecting you to be here till about noon," you heard your boss from behind. Well I thought you could use a hand, but I see that you got everything under control. I think I'll get out of your hair and grab a bite to eat. "Perfect! You go do that and I'll see you at 1pm. Don't forget your swim wear!!" Swim wear?? You know I don't swim. "I know, but it is a beach themed party, so don't forget the swim wear," your boss said while walking away. I guess I'll go shopping for a swim suit.

As you were walking to your car, you see Jay pulls up, blocking you in. You got to be kidding me right now, you thought. You put on a smile as you said hi. "Going so soon," asked Jay. Yeah, I got some time to kill so I was going to grab some food and shop before I come back. "Nice, care if I tag along?" I don't know if you will have time. Don't you have to do a sound check? " I do, but it's not till 1:30pm. Come on y/n, I still owe ya anyways, plus there's this small mom and pop place I wanted to check out."

Why must he give me the puppy dog eyes?? They look so cute though. And he does owe you. You thought about it and decided to go. The look that Jay gave made you chuckle. I hope you brought your trunks too. "Fuck, I forgot about those. Guess I'll have to go to the store for those," said Jay. I know a shop that has swim wear thats not costing an arm and leg that we can stop at. "Cools, you can show me how to get there,"said Jay as he held open the door for you.

The mom and pop place that Jay was talking about was jammed packed. You didn't think that you would be seated quickly, let alone fast and friendly service. You made a mental note to come back soon. You both then go to the swimsuit shop. As soon as you walked in, you see a coral two piece that caught your eye. "I bet that color would look really good on you," stated Jay. Thanks, but I'm gonna pass on it. You started to walk away towards the one pieces. As you browsed through, your eyes kept going back to that two piece.

You finally found one that you kinda liked and went to the dressing room to try it on. Once you put it on, you realized that you didn't like how it made you look. You opened the door to find Jay staring at you. "Wow," was all he could say. Do you like? I'm not really feeling this one. Can you go and get the coral swimsuit for me, please?

Jay shook his head out of the trance and left to get it for you. A few seconds later he appears with the swimsuit. You took it and changed into it and instantly fell in love with it. You opened your door to get Jay's opinion and noticed that he was giving you a look that you haven't seen in years. You felt your cheeks getting red as you looked down. "I think you should get this one,"Jay finally said. You nodded and went back to the dressing room to change.

You purchased the item and you both walked out to his car. You couldn't help but notice how Jay kept staring at you but kept looking down. The ride back to your boss's summer home was quiet and awkward. You wasn't sure on what to say so you kept your mouth shut. Once you both arrived, you went to open the door but Jay stopped you. You gave him a quizzical look as he began to open his mouth, but you felt your phone go off. You looked at it to see a text from one of the chefs that needed your help in the kitchen. Aaahhhhh, assistant duties never end. I hope you put on an amazing performance. "Wait, your not gonna watch?" he asked. What type of question is that? Of course I'm gonna watch. I may be in and out, but I really want to see how you do with the crowd, although I know you'll kill it.

You got out of the car and went straight to the kitchen to help. You lost track of time and didn't realize how late it was until one of the employees tapped you on the shoulders. "Y/N, boss is looking for you. I can take over from here," she said. You smiled and went to go wash your hands, but realized that you need to shower instead. You grabbed your things and went to the roped off area of the house and went to one of the bathrooms. Once you showered, you put on your swim suit and some shorts that showed off your legs. You pulled your hair up into a messy ponytail and walked out. You noticed that one of the rooms were opened and you were curious on why. None of the artist or guest should be in this part of the house. I wonder who got back here. Maybe they might have gotten lost. You walked to the room to find Jay there, shirtless.

"Y/n, I didn't expect to find you here. Did you get lost?" he asked. No I was wondering who was here. Did boss give you permission? No artist is supposed to be here. "Yeah, he said it was ok to be here to get myself together and prep." Oh, Ok then. Then I'll leave you be. You started to walk away but Jay called out for you to stay. "I'm sorry for the awkward car ride back here. I was just mesmerized by your beauty. That color really looks good on you and I'm glad you got it. You're really gonna turn heads today, you know," he said. Thanks, I'm hoping not to turn heads though. You smiled and began to walk out when you saw him reach out for your hands. Jay took both of your hands and guided you towards him. Your eyes got wide as saucers as you saw him lean forward. Your mind was screaming at you to push him away and get out of that room, but your feet were planted. You felt his arms wrapped around your waist and immediately, your skin heats up. You closed your eyes as you felt his lips softly graze yours.
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