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Who: Chase Malone x Reader
What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)
Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.

Chase's POV

"Baby you're a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise!"

Y/n sang along to the radio as they drove down the highway. She was dancing in the passenger's seat with her hair blowing in the wind. She was wearing his jean button up shirt, it had bleach stains on various spots, something she altered herself after accidentally spilling some bleach doing the laundry. Chase had given her the shirt after he shrunk it in the washing machine. So many times he'd wake up the neck morning to see hear walking around the house with nothing but that shirt on and her long brown hair in loose waves hanging down her back. They were just coming back from vacation. They were moving in a few weeks, Chase's friend, Jay Park, and him had gone into business with him and he wanted to be closer to the market he was producing for. Not to mention Y/n's job was having her relocated as well so it made things easier to just go to South Korea.

"You like that Sammy?" she said looking back at their nine month old in the back seat.

He was just staring but he smiled when he saw her look back at him. She chuckled and turned around to face Chase. She turned down the radio.

"How can you drive with those on it's hard for me to see."

"That's because you're as blind as a bat baby girl."

"You're such an ass." she chuckled.

This moment could've been perfect. His world could've stayed as bright and as cheerful as it was in this moment but life had its curve balls. It showed no mercy for anyone. Chase was soon about to learn that.

Y/n's giggle came to his ears as she started to turn her head to look out the window. They came off the highway and were back in the city. The light was still green and Chase was doing forty. Suddenly, Y/n's shriek alerted him. His heart jumped in fear, time stopped for a second. He turned his head to see the truck barreling down on her side of the car. The headlights flashed in his eyes like some raging demon hell bent on taking everything from him. The high pitched terrified shriek of his wife sped time up and Chase tried to turn the car as fast as his reflexes would allow but they were hit and hard. The car spun and lost balanced and started to roll into other cars leaving damage and destruction in its wake. The car was upside down and Chase was trapped, blood leaking into his eyes to distort his vision. He could see her. Her head was bleeding as well and she was unconscious while his was slipping.

"Y/n." he whispered.

He tried to reach out to her but his vision blurred and his world turned completely dark....

*Two weeks after accident

Chase's eyes finally peeked open. Pain came to his body as he tried to move, he felt sore and he moved while his vision tried to become clear again.

"Hold on man take it easy."

Chase looked at the blurry face in front of him. His eyes squinted at the face until he came into focus.

"Jay?" he said confused.

Jay let out a sigh of relief,

"Yeah man it's me." he gave him a soft smile.

Chase sighed and laid back on his bed. He was still in pain.

"You've been out for two weeks man. Do you remember anything?" He asked.

Chase pinched the bridge of his nose. Two weeks in a coma. He closed his eyes and visions of Y/N's smiling face and her hair blowing in the wind filled his mind. His eyes snapped open and he looked at the ceiling for a moment. The heart monitor detected a slight change in his heart rate. It took the pace of a man that was feeling fear. He was reliving it. He remembered seeing her unconscious beside him. He remembered the car crashing onto her side and the terrifying feeling of being trapped in the car while it flipped over with them in it. He rememberd being happy that they were back in the city, they were supposed to get ice cream as soon as they got back. He remembered the head lights coming out of no where.

"Where's Y/n?" he looked to Jay worried.

Jay looked a little more sad than he did before. Chase sat up wincing in pain but mostly ignoring it. He looked at Jay,

"Where is she?" he asked.

"She's been in a coma, same as you. They performed surgery on her, they said her head and her internal organs took some damage. They did all they could but now it's just up to her and her body to heal on their own." Jay answered.

Chase felt tears run down his eyes,

"What about Samuel?" he asked.

Jay couldn't bare to look him in the eye.

"Jay where is my son? What happened to Sammy?" He said.

Jay stood up and looked away from him like he was trying to control his own emotions. Chase was losing his mind in the silence. He heard Jay sniff and Chase's hands came to wipe over his face but tears fell.

"Sammy didn't make it bro." Jay finally admitted.

He still wouldn't face him.

"No. No, no. Ohhhhh No... God no." Chase broke down.

He didn't know if the confirmation of his worst fears was worse than not knowing at all. He felt like he'd been stabbed a hundred times in the heart. His wife was in a coma and possibly wouldn't make it. His son was dead. He felt suffocated. He tried to get up, Jay had turned around,

"Whoa where are you going?" he said.

"I have to see her." Chase answered.

"No, you don't want to do that right now, you've already taken in a lot Chase just stay in bed."

"Jay I need to see my wife, I need to see her." He said.

"Chase she's not even awake yet. Just calm down, collect yourself first before you go see her." Jay said.

Chase sat back knowing he was right but there was just so much pain in his heart. Pain that was unmatched by his physical wounds. The doctor came in a little later seeing him awake and he had a nurse come in and help him get vitals. He checked him out and told him about his injuries, he was miraculously less banged up compared to Y/n. The doctor failed to mention Samuel and he didn't seem like he was going to say anything until Chase asked. Chase was trying hard to find some sanity but he just felt himself sinking into darkness. His perfect life was destroyed in one second, his family was broken and he just felt like a hole had been ripped through him.

Chase had to endure two more surgeries after he woke up but when he was finally able to walk he went to go see Y/n. He was in the hospital for weeks the first time he saw her with bandages still wrapped around her head and an IV in her arm. She had a breathing tube to help her breathe. A lot had happened to her body and just seeing her in such a weak state broke him down. His hands shook while he cried by her bedside. He tried to touch her head gently and call out to her but she didn't answer him.

As of now, she had been in a coma for six months. Everyday he came to see her and begged her to wake up. He begged her to just open her eyes; she didn't even have to speak to him, just open her eyes. It was expensive to pay off medical bills even his own and his business was starting to fall a little. He enlisted Jay's help. The move to Seoul was cancelled and they stayed in Seattle. Chase gave Jay half his ownership of the business in Seoul so that Jay could help him rebuild it. It seemed like his fight was endless but with time he was starting to rebuild his business where it was falling....It just wasn't enough.

Deep down Chase was just angry, there was just so much going on in his life. Even if his business was picking up, his infant son was dead and his wife was showing no signs of recovery. He was making all the right business decision but he would lash out at people because of the pent up rage. His mother suffered his backlash when they were on the phone together. He snapped at her, he couldn't remember why but he remembered his mother's polite threat to him. Even though she understood he was going through a rough time, if he ever spoke to her with that tone again she'd drop kick him to the floor. Respect for his mother was a big thing and even though he was still irritated he was able to politely dismiss himself from the phone call before he got himself into anymore trouble with her. He was taking out his rage on punching bags at the gym whenever he got a chance. He stayed at the office most nights going back home was like a ghost town. He had spent three days packing up Sammy's toys and clothes. It took three days for him to do that when it should've only taken a few hours but- it was hard. He still hadn't gotten rid of them he just piled them in the back of the closet; he couldn't throw them out or give them away. It was just too much reality for him to handle and it just filled him with more anger.

Y/n's body had healed over time but she was still in her coma. Doctors were getting worried about her condition and one suggested taking her off life support. Jay was back in town when that happened and the doctor was lucky that he was because he lunged forward to punch him but Jay quickly grabbed and pulled him back. The doctor deserved it, he was an ass anyway. He had no bedside manner what so ever; he was the perfect target to fight but it would've just caused more problems. What had he done to deserve this? What had he done to lose his wife and son?

He was in a meeting today, it was boring but necessary for the business. His secretary came in and whispered in his ear. He looked up at her in shock but she nodded to him with wet eyes. Chase quickly excused himself from the meeting asking one of his other men to take over. He hurried to his car and drove to the hospital. His heart was racing and his body was shaking. He checked in and ran down the hallway to get to her room. When he opened the door....

Her eyes were open.

She was watching TV.

He walked in with tears silently running from his eyes. She was really awake, after six months of waiting, after wonder if she'd ever come back to him. He was so happy he couldn't contain it, it felt like a dream for a moment. He was afriad he might wake up and she'd still be in a coma. He could see her blinking at the TV then slowly turning her head to see him walking in. He came to her bedside and looked down at her with wet eyes and tears streaming his face.

"Baby. You're awake. You came back to me." he sniffed and then smiled.

His hand brushed her hair back gently. He was just so relieved that he hadn't lost her too. He was so happy that she was back, she was finally awake. She looked up at him with a breathing tube still connected to her nose. She shook her head lightly but he didn't really notice until she said,

"Do I know you?"

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