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Hello Elves, It's Suki here with my one shot for Heechul Birthday Bash! I hope you enjoy it.
"Good morning," I say to my roommate with coffee in hand! "We need to get ready and go to the club. I want us to get great seats!"

"You don't even know who is playing, and besides we have plenty of time."

"IT"S NOON!!! There is not much time, considering all we have to do, before we go. I want to go by the mall and pick out a new skirt to and you said you would help."

"Okay I am getting up!"

At the mall........"What about this skirt?" She gives me a thumbs up. Yes now I have my outfit. On to getting my hair, nails and make up done. I found that is it easier to go to the makeup counter at the mall and have them do it, I mean they are professionals and you get tons of samples. This is something I learned from my roommate.
We are sitting at one of the make up counters, getting our make up done, when I see someone, that looks so much like Heechul. I turned to look and I lost I lost him in the crowd.

Let me give you an insite about Heechul and I. We use to date a long time ago, but when his career took off it seemed like it was hard for us to be together. He was busy with touring and I was busy at the hospital. I still remeber the days when he would come over or surprise me at work with flowers and candy. That was his way of telling me that he was leaving on tour again. We use to have bike ride in the park, have lunches at the beach and I would always go to the clubs he played at here locally, but then I don't know what happened, we just grew apart. We started fighting more about no spending time with eachother and that our work was more important then each other. I guess our fairy tale life was ending, so he moved away and I stayed here and life continued on. It has been three years sinc the last time I saw him, so it just took me by surprise to see him. I think my mind is playing tricks on me.

"Hey can you come back to reallity. You were thinking about him again."

"Sorry, I thought I saw him pass by. Anyways let's go get our nails and toes done. We will have enough time to run home and change and make it to Daisy's shop to get our hair done."

At the club......"Wow this place is packed, I wonder who will be here?"

"I don't know," my roommate responds. "He did not tell me, he said we had to come today and it was a surprise."

The "He", that my roommate is talking about his her boyfriend of 10 years, I say they should get married now, but I think she is holding off because of me. We have lived together for the past 10 years and to be honest, I have been through alot with breakups, parents passing away and such. I think she is scared that I will feel like she is abandoning me, but I keep telling her I will be okay if she moved in with him. She just says it is okay and that he understands. I am jelly of their relationship. I wanted that with me a Heechul, I thought we had that, but I was wrong again.

"Snap out of it," my roommate replies."We are here to have fun!"

"So have you foun out who the mystery guess is. Did he give you at least a hint?"

"No, he said we would have to wait."

"Okay, I am anxiously waiting. I am excited! I can't wait to see. Lets's order our drinks. What do you want, I will go get it from the bar, it seems like it will be awhile before the waitress can get to us. I am just glad he saved us a table upfront." I walk towards the bar to get our drinks, as I am walking, I think I see Heechul again. I shake my head to get the imagine out of my mind. I get to the bar and order our drinks and go back to the table.
"I swear I keep seeing Heechul. I thought I saw him at the bar." I told my roommate.

"You are just seeing things, it's your imagination. You just miss him more for some reason lately."

"I guess your right. It just seems weird that it is happeing now after being okay for 3 years. Anyways the band is about to come out. I am so excited!"

The lights go out and the stage lights come on, the band starts to enter the stage and then I see him. I see Heechul enter the stage. I coul not believe my eyes. I look at my roommate and she is looking at me with concern on her face, "I swear, I have no idea, but I will be having a talk my boyfriend about this little stunt. Are you okay? We can leave."

"I'm okay. Really, I am alright. It's been 3 years, I can handle it. Anyways we can to have fun. So let's have fun," I replied back with a smile.

We sit there and the band starts to play. I watch him and all the old memories come back. All the time we spent together, all the pain and also all the happiness. I feel tears rolling down my cheek, I guess I really am not okay with this. I missed him so much. I wipe the tears away and I pull myself together. The first song ends and the second and third. "I am going to the bathroom," I tell my roommate.

"You want me to go with you?"

"No I will be okay," as I smile and walk to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I go into one of the stalls and cry. I try to get myself together, but the pain is to great. I finally feel the tears stop flowing, so I come out of the stall and reapply my make up and walk out the bathroom. As I am walking down the hall to go back to the club and our table. Heechul is standing at the exist. I pull myself togehter and I tell myself I can do this, I can walk pass and he will not seeme and I will be okay. I head to the exist and am getting closer to him. I can do this I keep telling myself as keep getting closer to him. I am not 5 steps away from him and he turns and looks at me. He looks at me with those brown eyes. I freeze. He walks towards me. I dont know what to do. I am just frozen and he approaches me.

"Hey, how have you been?" I look down so he cannot tell that I was crying.

"I am doing good," I replied back, still looking at the floor.

"Why are you not looking at me? Does seeing me make you still mad at me?" If only he knew that I was not mad, I was just sad and in pain.

"No, I am okay." I look up at him, hoping he does not see the swelling of my eyes.

"Have you been crying all this time in the bathroom? I watched you leave from the table, and was hoping that you were not leaving and I saw you walking to the bathroom and I was relieved. I came here to wait for you, to tell you I missed you and I want us to try again. I wanted it to be a surprise, so that ais why I told your roommates boyfriend not to say anything, but I guess he did tell a few people, since it is packed here. Please say something." I wanted to tell him, how much pain I was in when he left and how it took me so long to get over it. How much I loved him and missed him too. And he just comes right back in as if nothing happened. But I could not say anything all I could do was cry. He grabbed me and held me in his arms. I was happy to be in his arms. As he was holding me, I could feel more tears fall. I missed him holding me. I missed his touch. I was happy to be back in his arms.

Well I hope you enjoyed! Happy Birthday Heechul!!!

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Wow! I started getting misty eyes from reading this 😢
Aww thank you.